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Uploading of Child Info Data on SSA Child Info Web Portal: SSA AP Child Info Web Portal is TSSA Child info Web Portal is Online Monitoring of School Visit Reports through Child Info Website . Guidelines and Instructions for Uploading Child Info Data on OR  Child info and Child Tracking System.

Instructions on Child Info Updation and Aadhaar Enrolment and Validation: Enrollment of student with Aadhar Number in child info website.

SSA - Completion of 100% Aadhaar enrolment in childinfo website by 20.09.2017: C and DSE Telangana, Rc.No.3238, Dated:11/09/2017: Subject: TSSA, Hyderabad - Planning & MIS - Completion of 100% Aadhar enrolment in Childinfo website by 20/09/2017 - Information - Reg. Ref:- D.O.Lr.No. 11-38/2017, Sch-5(Pf) of Anilswarup, Secretary, MHRD.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio District Project Of~+cers, SSA in the State is invited to the subject read above and they are informed that the last date for completion of Aadhar enrolment in Childinfo website is extended up to 20th September, 2017.

The District Educational Officers & E.O Project Officers are directed to instruct the MEO's/Complex HM's/Headmasters of Schools to complete the 100% Aadhar enrolment in Childinfo website by 20th September. 2017 without fail.

C and DSE Telangana: Proc.Rc.No1335/TSSA/MIS/T7/2014, Dated: 28-06-2017 :: Sub : TSSA, Hyderabad - Enrollment of student with Aadhar Number in child info website-reg. The attention all the District Educational Officers & Ex-officio District Project Officer in the State are informed that, migration of data from One class to Another class collected at NIC. Newly enrolled child wise information in 35 column format prescribed by GOI to be collected from school point and upload the information in child info website along with Aadhar Number.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio, Project Officers in the state are directed to instruct Mandal Educational Officers I MIS coordinators, Head Masters of the concerned schools to collect 35 column information of New admissions and upload in childinfo website along with Aadhar Number on or before 15.07.2017.

Online Monitoring of School Visit Reports:
Child Info Website was developed and created by the National Informatics Centre(NIC), Hyderabad. This website had been launched on 2nd October, 2013. This website is useful to Upload of Child Information Data for Visitors. Online School Visit Format Website for Obtain data on daily attendance of school Children, Teachers and Infrastructure in the State on daily basis through online purpose. It is useful to Online Monitoring for Higher Officials.

Child Info(Balala Samacharam) Updation and Aadhar Enrolment: All the Mandal Educational Officers in the state are informed that the status of updation of Child Info and enrolment of Aadhar is very poor in some of the mandals and average in remaining mandals as shown below as on 31.12.2015. Therefore, they are requested to coordinate with the agencies of Aadhar enrolment and see that the percentage of Government and Private schools online data entry reaches cent percent. The services of Agencies are available till 31st January 2016 only

Step by Step instructions for Uploading Child Info Data:
Officials have made some changes on Child Info Website for Child Information data entry on this Website for this academic year. CHILD INFO WEBSITE officials have given instructions to all the district officials for entry of child data on website. So Data entry Operators should read and follow the instructions for data entry on this website. DB password have been activated on 1st August, 2014.

1. 1st class admission and if any child details not available in the child info website then only please enter the child details first time in the child info Website

2. Please update and the first TC Issued and Drop out details under TC Issued Module and Drop out Module in the Child Info web site.

3. If any child TC Issued or Drop out Do not entered details once again. If entered it comes duplicate. So please select those students already enter or pick up in Drop out Box Module in Child info Web site.

USER GUIDE for Uploading Child Info Data
Open the Child Info website by entering the URL address for Andhra Pradesh State and for Telangana State. Then will be appeared the child info official web portal. District Users or Mandal Users or School Complex Users can access the website with their respective User Name and Pass word.

1. Then Click on the Child Tracking System.
First enter the data of newly joined children in this academic year. In this Section, The officials have requested to all the MIS Coordinators and Cluster resource Persons to modify the enrollment of Government Schools and enter the assessment marks in the Online Website. They must visit one School every day and Enter the School Particulars in this website also they must modify the enrollment status in the website.
2. Select Data Entry
3. Select on In School and Enter DB Pass word, then will be appeared a new page.
4. Enter new student details in the appropriate columns.

Data Entry - In School - Module 
Data Entry Type : * [ 1. INSERT ]
Name of the School :*
Medium*Data Entery Type
Child's Address (Permanent) [1. With Manda.l  2.Other Mandal/District] 
Name of the District :*Name of the mandal
GP/Municipality/  Revenue :*Name of the habitation
Aadhaar UID No.
Gender*Date of Birth*
Mother's Name*Father's Name*
Mother TongueDisability*
Present, Studying in Class*Class Studied in Previous year*
If Studying in Class I, Status of Previous year *Class in which Admitted*
Date of Admission*Admission No.*


1. Now Select the Data Entry
Select the TC issue option and enter DB-PASSWORD, then the new screen will be appeared.
2. Select School Name, Class = 6 , Medium & Gender. Now search for students who take T.C (Record sheet) from Schools. Then
3. Select a student who take T.C(RecordSheet). Enter the details and the  we will be got New Page.
Give the asked fields in this page like
Date of leaving: 12-06-2014
T.C No. : TC number is available to VI to X students only.
Admission number of student as TC No.
TC ISSUE DATE: Date of given TC/RS
4. SUBMIT these details of new page will be appeared.

1. Go to Search for Child (TC issued/Drop out)-Admin. Now all TC Issued children Names are appeared.
2. Enter all the required fields.
3. Now we Click on Select Child the previous personal details of student is appeared.
4. Now we give the present Educational institute status of the TC issue students and submit.
5. When we enter all details we seethe following screens will appear.

We can check that student name is go to the NEW school are NOT.
1. Click on to Reports, select the Reports by Child Info and  Select the school of the Student, then Submit
2. Now the new screen will be appeared.

Download the Step by Step Instructions for Uploading Child Info Data on Child Info Website: Get more details
Procedure for Online School Visit Data Entry on Child Info Website: Get More Details

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