Swachh Bharath Mission Launching in All Schools and D.Ed Colleges of AP

The Regional Joint Director, School Education Department, KADAPA has issued proceedings rc.no.1449 on November 21st, 2014 to all the Principals of DIETs, all the Correspondents/Principals of D.Ed. Colleges in the reference of Proceedings.532 for launching Swachh Bharat Mission in all Schools and D.Ed Colleges.

Swachh Bharath Mission Launching in All Schools and D.Ed Colleges
Proceedings Subject: School Education Department Launching of Swachh Bharath Mission in all the schools and D.Ed. Colleges In the country - Government of India certain Instructions - Issued - Regarding.

The RJD, School Education Department, KADAPA has requested to all the Correspondents/ Principals D.Ed., Colleges in Zone-IV with the reference read above,that Government have Informed that the students can play a very important role in achieving Swachh Bharath by 2019. If students can be motivated in keeping themselves clean, their homes, schools, colleges and surroundings clean and given the right message on the importance of sanitation, they can not only contribute immensely towards improving the sanitation situation in the country but also becoming ambassadors of cleanness in their homes and communities.

The teacher trainees should play key role by giving inspiration to the students and motivating them towards improving the sanitation situation in their surrounding as well as in the country.

Therefore, the Correspondents/Principals of all D.Ed., Colleges in Zone-IV are requested to take necessary action for participation of students in this endeavor in their own colleges. Besides the suggested themes, innovative in Swachh Bharath Mission would also be appreciated and also conduct competitions to encourage participation of teacher students on different themes every week.
And also requested to furnish the action taken report at the end of the week to the under signed through E-mail i.e., rjdse_cdp@yahoo.co.in.
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