Procedure of AP DEECET 2015 Web Options for AP Minority D.Ed Admissions

How to give Minority D.Ed Colleges Web Options - AP DEECET 2015

PROCEDURE TO EXCERCISE OPTIONS : AP DEECET SW II AC  Web Options for  Minority Colleges D.Ed Admissions; B.Ed & D.Ed College Management Association of A P has issued 1st Phase AP DEECET-SW-II-AC - 2015-16 Admission Notification for giving Web Options through Website for Admission into two year course in Minority D.Ed Colleges of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh State.

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The Association of Managements of Minority Colleges of Education AP has informed to all the DEECET 2015 qualified Muslim and Christian Minority Students to attend the web counselling of D.Ed Admissions as per the given BDMCMA's schedule. So, Candidate are requested that please follow the guidelins for giving weboptions. Website recommended to use Google Chrome browser to get best performance of the application (or IE version 9 and above)
1. Open the website  Home page displayed as follows.
2. Click on AP DEECET ADMISSIONS Menu. The following webpage will be displayed.
3. Click on Student Login Menu. The following Web page will be displayed.
4. Please enter Hall ticket No., Scratch Card Serial Number, Scratch Card Password.
5. After successfully entering the detail please click login button.
6. After clicking Login button, you will be directed to Web Options Page as shown below.
7. The college list (based on your Medium,Religion,Gender) is displayed (in the order of Region) in table on the left side of the page as shown above image .
8. Click on the Check box under the CB column on the Left hand side Table to select your option.
9. The Selected college will be added to your selected colleges list table on the right hand side of the page.
10. The first selected college will be your first priority. And subsequently selected colleges will be added subsequently in the order of selection as show in the below image.11. Once the college options are selected, Click on the Save button to save the option to the server
12. After clicking the save button, you will be redirected to Change Priority / Freeze options screen as shown below.
13. If you want to delete any of your saved web option, please click remove link
14. Changing priority of the web options can be done using UP/DOWN/TOP/BOTTPM links. And changing priority activity/work should be done after removing options exercise (if any).
15. After Changing the priorities for Saving the changed Priorities of the options, click on Save Button
16. After clicking the Save button, the “FREEZE” button will be enabled and displayed to Freeze the options as shown below.
17.You can change the selected options, add new options and change the priorities of the selected options, as many times as you want by logout and login to the application again.
18. To add new college option in this above Priority Screen, click on the counseling Menu
19. After exercising, the priorities and clicking the Save button, FREEZE button will be displayed as shown in the above image.
20. On clicking Freeze Button , you will be directed to Freeze Options Screen as shown below.
21.On Clicking Cancel button in the above screen, it will direct you to Priorities Changing Screen
22.You can click on the FREEZE button to Freeze your selected options
23.The Web options once freezed cannot be modified further.
24.Freeze the web options once you are satisfied with the priorities of the selected options
25.Freezing the options can be done only Once
26.On Clicking the freeze button, your Options will be freezed and you will be directed to the counseling main page , where you can take the printout of your selected college Freezed options as shown below
27. To Modify your frozen web options, you are requested to approach your Help Line Centre.
28. The options exercised will be closed at 00.00 Hrs mid night on the last date specified for web options in the notification.
29. The options registered in the server will be frozen automatically on the last day specified in the notification and shall be used for seat allotment.
30.The options will be processed on the dates specified and the results will be communicated through SMS message to the mobile number, which you have provided and you can also take a print of the provisional allotment order from the website.

Do's and Don'ts

  1. The Association of Managements of Minority Colleges of Education AP recommend to use Google Chrome for the best performance of the application.
  2. Which can be easily downloaded from the web. (Or IE 9 and above version)
  3. Check colleges thoroughly before entering the options through college list, which can be downloaded from the home page.
  4. Write colleges in the order of preference on a white paper before entering into web.
  5. Do not select college casually in which you are not interested.
  6. Avoid using slow internet facility.
  7. Allotments will be made in the order of preference of options and exercise utmost care while entering options.
  8. Allotments will be made in the rank order:-
  9. Allotment made in the web counseling is final and cannot be altered under any circumstances. Therefore only such colleges that candidate willing to join without any hesitation should be chosen.
  10. Convenor is not responsible for any technical or human errors from client side (Student side) while exercising options.
  11. Don’t reveal Scratch Card Number and password to others.


  1. pls help me minority student adn i got 787 rank in urdu medium locality kurnool..i didnt get seat in 1st & 2nd phase can i get seat in minority colleges......

    1. Please participate in 3rd Phase Counselling



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