Summer Holidays to TS Schools from April 16th to June 12th, 2016

Summer Holidays for Telangana Schools!

The same way June 2nd is very important to Telangana people because they are set free from the domination and on 2 June 2014, Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh as a new 29th state of India, with the city of Hyderabad as its capital. So, To celebrate such wonderful moment they hast their flag and pay tribute to the people those who sacrificed their lives in Telangana movement.

So, Telangana State government is thinking that to celebrate the Telangana formation day in schools. But, it was summer vacation.

1. Govt has finalized the summer holidays
2. To give summer holidays from April 16th- June 12th and school reopens from June 1st.

But, Commissioner and Director of School Education has announced press note for summer holidays.
- Summer holidays from April 16th to June 12th.
- School reopens from June 13th 

#For more details on School Academic Calendar

If Telangana Chief Minister Mr.KCR agrees on this proposal it will be finalised but educational department is thinking about 10th exams and the annual exams from 1st to 9th classes because from 09.03.2015. The maximum no. of teachers will have the invisilation duties for inter and tenth respectively.

After wide thinking govt will finalise the date of vacation and re-open of schools.
Summer Holidays to TS Schools from April 16th to June 12th, 2016
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  1. Do NOT compare 2nd June with 15th August. 2nd June is not as IMP as 15th August. Holidays from 12th April is a BAD decision. Pupil face Summer Heat Wave More in June than May. Do NOT trouble children for political reasons.

    1. Ok sir, It is govt opinion....We will wait for govt decision..TnQ for your giving comment here.....

    2. We are also thinking after your comment.
      So, We have removed the particular Content for your valuable suggestion...
      we are unite and we are Telugu people......

    3. Do not agree with the above comment. If you confirm the vacations from 12th April to 1st June then it is a great idea because children will be aware of formation day and celebrate it grandly.Coming to summer from June the summer ends and children do not suffer. Please try to confirm these dates.

  2. i have confirm information.holidays are from april 23 to june 12.kcr has made a conflirt. iam one of the bouncer of kcr



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