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Telangana Govt. Job Vacancies

UDHYOGAM PURUSHA LAKSHANAM”. This is a very well-known saying that which says that how our society feels about men. If we see our culture we can understand that in olden days husband should earn and wife should maintain house with his earnings. With out job or proper earning source there is no proper place for men in society.

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So, every person tries to get job and then plans to marry. But now situation has completely changed, men and women are working and there is security of jobs. So, unemployment problem is raising. Un employees have a hope that after state’s separation they will have a lot of opportunities  but now the situation is completely different.

Details of zonal level vacant posts
NGO Teachersbadi.In34,03210,020
Last Grade11

If once the govt focus on this, they can fill the posts of 76,545 which are not related to division of states. Govt may stop the posts related to division but move faster to recruit the other posts.

If zonal system continues, there is a scope of other 20,000 posts. As there are two zones in Tealngana state, now it is some problematic to increase 3 or 4 zones. So unemployees are urging to continue and fill the 20,591 posts.

District level details of vacant posts
NGO Teachersbadi.In2,77,37859,231
Last Grade1,28,64614,353

Recruitment of teacher posts is in dilemma, candidates are waiting either notification will be released or not where education dept is saying that there are excess teachers than requirement but 3 lakh members are waiting for the notification. In this summer after Rationalisation is completed for the rest of posts notification will be released because there is no teacher pupil ratio equally and recently education dept declared that 17,702 posts are vacant. We have to wait with a hope.

Post wise Vacant Teacher posts
Grade-1 HM/principal 348111
PG HM/viceprinecipal 4,547321
LFL HM4,331516
School Assistant(minority schools) 48,7693,869
School Assistant (P.Director) 258
P.E.T 801139
SGT Teachersbadi.In65,70510,469
Language Pandit10,2071,197
Music teacher7450
Dance teacher1915
Art, Drawing teacher323218
Craft teacher592396

So, Don’t worry you can get the job of your choice but wait with patience because it may take some time but recruitment is compulsory, in the new state due to some adjustments recruitment is late.

Wait with hope,
Plan  and prepare well,
And aim your goal then success is in your hands

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