AP e-Nidhi - CFMS Comprehensive Financial Management System

Andhra Pradesh e-Nidhi -CFMS Comprehensive Financial Management System

The Finance Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh plays a key role in ensuring effective public financial management for the overall prosperity of the State. This role broadly includes planning and budgeting, expenditure management, revenue management, debt and investment management, accounts management and ways and means management.

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Finance Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh intends to introduce Futuristic Enterprise Class Solution to streamline and improve upon its Functioning and Decision Support System. A range of SAP solutions has been chosen to deploy a comprehensive system that will enhance efficiency in financial transactions, transparency in operations, accountability and sustainability to stakeholders and citizens.

The Government is in the process of operationalizing e-Nidhi - Comprehensive Financial Management System in order to establish state-of-the art IT applications for effective public financial management. It will provide seamless and dynamic interface with all stakeholders and facilitate real-time resources management, both financial and human. It will fundamentally change the way government manages its public finances with real time management of funds.

e-Nidhi uses the Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) based SAP platform for complete integration of all activities like Budget, Expenditure, HRMS, Revenue, Accounts, Ways & Means and Debt management. The human resource system of e-Nidhi will significantly improve employee processes with increased transparency, enhanced investment in capacity development, efficient management of people and consequential impact on improved responsiveness and quality towards public services. Through this project, Finance Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh has embarked upon an ambitious initiative that e-Nidhi shall be robust, scalable, secured and highly available, user friendly, designed on open standards to ensure high level of integration with and acceptability by the various stakeholders.
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