Casteless Telangana Residentails - All Residentials will merge as One Educational System

Casteless Telangana Residentails - All Residentials will merge as One Educational System

CASTELESS RESIDENTIALS: As days are passing modernization taking place, the level & cost of living is raising but still caste system is not demolishing. Irrespective of education, literates, illeterates, employees, un employees stress on caste. A person well-dressed, modernized thinking, but does not believe in equality. This is because of the caste system roots are that deep.  As decades, centuries passing but no change in that.

Some places/institutions should function a part from caste system & financial status. In that the first place goes to schools. Here we have to educate the children in a way that to develop, knowledge, skill, talent these will help you but not the caste and money. A person is identified by his /her character. So, here the character building should be done.

As, we know many residentials  like  social welfare, BC welfare hostels, but now our honourable CM decided to start new education system where here we can’t hear the name of caste, religion. All are equal, all will have the same opportunities. In this residentials teaching process continues in English medium in CBSE syllabus From 5th  to 12th classes. But service rules will not change, the same old rules will continue. But yet not decided on budget & special schemes programmes. The guidelines will be  framed in a week and will decided on the seats. CM suggested to officials that to join all the SC, ST students who comes.

I-IV classes children should study in village level schools and from V they can join in these residentials . The children should have the choice to choose Telugu/Urdu as 2nd language where this plays a key role to strengthen mother tongue as they even study in English Medium. As now SC, ST, BC, PHC based residentials are in progress but all these now merge as one and will decided on budget, mess charges, menu is different.

Now all the poor people irrespective of caste can study in these new residentials. CM ordered officials to arrange one minority hostel for 1 district. Where it helps the minority students who are dropouts. And also 1 SC hostel for 1 constitution. Supply food as the children need but not by measuring.
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