District Level Science, Mathematics, Environment Exhibitions for Children 2016

Rc.558 Conduct of District Level Science, Maths Exhibitions and Environment Exhibitions for Children 2015-2016

District Level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibitions for Children 2016,
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Sending of entries for participation of Jawarharlal Nehru Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education (JNSMME) for the children

Science,Mathematics,Environment Exhibitions

Rc.No.551; Date: 27-08-2016: Sub: SCERT, TS Hyderabad - Sending of entries for participation of Jawarharlal Nehru Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education (JNSMME) for the children - 2016 organized by NCERT in the month of November / December, 2016-Reg.

All the District Educational Officers & Principals of DIETS in the state are invited to the subject cited authorities of NCERT have agreed to accept the entries of SLSMEE of 2015-16 on the basis of the recommendation of the SCERT duly evaluating by the expert committee based on the criteria given by the NCERT. The themes for JNNSMEE -2016 are......

- Health Nutrition and cleanliness
- Resource Management
- Industry
- Agriculture and Food Safety
- Disaster Management Mathematics for Quality Life.

On the above said themes, if any outstanding exhibits were prepared already on the occasion of recent exhibitions conducted for different events, such students of classes IX and X may be identified in the districts by the DEOs, Dy. EOs, DSOs and DIETs. The list may be sent to Department of Mathematics and Science, SCERT by 10th September, 2016 along with the write-up in the specified format, video of the student presentation in CD form giving details of the project and guide teacher.

The District Educational Officers, Dy.EOs and Principals of DIETS are requested to send the write-ups in the prescribed format, video of the student presentations in C.D form giving details of the project to the Department of Mathematics and SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad latest by 10th September 2016.

Old Proceedings
Rc.558 Conduct of District Level Science and Maths Exhibitions in Andhra Pradesh, Proceedings of the state council of Educational Research and training, Andhra Pradesh, Procgs RC 558/B3/Sci/SCERT/2015, Dt.22.8.2015

S.C.E.R.T., A.P., Hyderabad - Conduct of District Level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibitions for Children 2015-2016 by 20th November, 2015 - Forwarding of theme and sub-themes- Conduct of District Level Science Exhibitions - Request - Reg.

1. Lr. No. F.12-3/2015-16/DESM/SLSMEE of Dr. A.K. Wazalwar, Professor and Head, Department    of Education in Science and Mathematics, NCERT, New Delhi
2. Guidelines for the preparation of Exhibits and Models and organising Exhibitions of JNNSMEE

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference read above, wherein Dept. of Education in Science and Mathematics, NCERT, Govt. of India, New Delhi has communicated the guidelines for organising Jawaharlal Nehru National Science and Environment Exhibition for Children (JNNSEEC) 2015-16 in all States, Union territories etc.,

The main theme:

It has six sub themes and they are:
1. Health, Nutrition and cleanliness
 To explore new scientific technological and bio-medical inventions in prevention and cure.
2. Resource Management
 To make children think of various ways and means for making efficient use of available resources and also new techniques I methods of conservations and management of resources.
3. Industry
 To help children understand the importance of science and mathematics in various types of industries and try to think of ways and means to increase its efficiency leading to production.
4. Agriculture and Food Safety: 
To enhance agriculture production to achieve food security to rnake children and teachers think of.
5. Disaster management:
To make general public and children aware about the issues and concerns of disaster management and promote a shift in disaster management system form relief centric to preparedness centric. ,.
6. Mathematics for Quality Life:
To make our school children and teachers aware and realize about various mathematical ideas and tools to solve problems confronting the society and thereby leading to a quality life.

Further, it is mentioned that, a one-day seminar on "Experiments with light" to be organised one day before the organisation of the District Level Science Exhibition or during the day of exhibition in morning / evening hours as the participants will interact with experts / scientists to generate ideas for the use of Science in our everyday life. "Many applications of light have revolutionised society through Agriculture, communication via Internet, entertainment etc. Light and Light based technology are key enablers of the future

The guidelines for preparation of Exhibits and Models and Organising the District Level Science and Environment Exhibitions for Children 2015-16 has already been sent to the DEOs and it can also be downloaded from the NCERT website:: www.ncert.nic.in.

The District Educational Officers are therefore requested to organise the District Level Science Exhibitions. 

1.  Intimating the schedule JNNSMEEC-2015-16 with dates to this office before commencing the programme.
2. Calling entries duly communicating the themes and sub-themes to all the schools of all managements in their respective districts at divisional level.
3. There is no limit to take number of students to participate in the divisional level for sub theme wise from each school.
4. A panel of judges may be formed as per the requirement and exhibits / models may be evaluated as per the proforma -VI in the Divisional level and District level.
5. Selected exhibits / projects in three groups
i) Individual Exbibits
ii) Group Exhibits
iii) Teacher exhibits from the district will reach this office after completion of the JNNSR, r_EC-2015-16

6. Each exhibit / model is to be supplemented with a write up as per the model given proforma -I.

Further, they are requested to submit selected list of 1 - Individuals Exhibit, 1 - Group Exhibit and 1 Teacher Exhibit from each sub-theme as per the given guidelines to this office on or before 30th November, 2015 so as to enable this office to conduct the State Level Science Exhibitions in the 2nd week of December, 2015,
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