Rc.216 AP RBSK School Health Programme Implementation-Health Coordinators Positioning

AP School Health Programm: AP Rc.216 RBSK(Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram) Programme Implementation and Health Coordinators Positioning  at school point

Rc.No.216/SSA/SH/BL/(C5)A5/2010, Dated:31.07.2015
Government of Andhra Pradesh Education( SSA)Department

AP SSA, Hyderabad - RBSK - School Health Programme - RBSK (Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram) - Health coordinators nominated at school points - List of PETs/ PDs in the concerned Districts - Status Report called for - Reg.

Read more: School Health Program Implementation and Monitoring Guidelines

1. Meeting on16-12-2014 held with the Commissioner, Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department, Koti, Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad.
2. Meeting held with Project Coordinator of NHM of RBSK on 11-03-2015.
3. Lr.Rc.No.216/SSA/SH/BL/C5/2010, dated:30.12.2014 of this office.
4. The State Project Director reviewed on status of RBSK program implementation on 30-07-2015.

Your attention is invited to the subject and reference cited above.

1. PETs/PDs as Health Coordinators to coordinate with health team:
The Project Officers/District Educational Officers are instructed to position the PETs/PDs as Health coordinators to coordinate with health team at school point in concerned district (Vide reference 3rd cited).

2. RBSK Programme implementation:
The Chief Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Chairman, RBSK (at State Level Monitoring Committee) proposed to review on progress of RBSK Programme implementation in all Government Schools in State on 05-08-2015.

3. RBSK Programme and Health coordinators positioning:
The POs / DEOs are instructed to submit the status report on implementation of RBSK programme and positioning of Health coordinators at school point on or before 03-08-2015 without fail.

Submit the Prescribed format:
4. The State Project Director, AP SSA and the Commissioner, School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad desire the information in prescribed format on or before above date onwards submission to Government.

5. The POs /DEOs of 13 districts shall pay personal attention and submit the information in format immediately to State Project Office ( apssatribal@gmail.com ) to Monitor with Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department at State Level.

Note:This will be treated as most Urgent
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