RC.375 Clarifications on LTC/Leave Travel Concession Claims of Teachers

Rc.375 - Clarifications on Leave Travel Concession Claims of Teachers

Proceedings of the Commissioner and Director School Education, AndahraPradesh, Hyderabad
Rc.No.375/D3-2/2011 Dated: 25.01.2011

School Education - Audit Para 3.1.2 - Fraudulent LTC Claims of Teachers - Reply -Reg.

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Audit Paras 3.1.2 with reference to Audit Paras of CAO of this office.

The attention of the all District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference read above (Copy enclosed) and they are informed that the AG's Audit have observed the following with regard to LTC claims of teachers and employees.

1. Para 12(e) of Annexure- VII to Rule 92 (1) of AP Traveling Allowance Rules Stipulates that a record of all assistance granted under these rules should be made in Service Register of the Employee including the dates of journeys and the family members together with the particulars of amount Reimbursed as traveling allowance.

2. Audit scrutiny (May 2010) of service registers in respect of 138 ( out of 994) cases (14 per cent) which were produced to audit by the DEO, however revealed that the service registers did not contain the following entries.
i) Declaration of family members.
ii) Permission from competent authority for availing LTC.
iii) Declaration of Home town 1 Place of visit .
iv) Evidence of availing any kind of leave and correspondent debit in the leave account.
v) Amount of LTC claimed and date of payment.

2. As per the codal provisions, detailed checks are to be exercised by Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs)/Controlling Officers while passing LTC claims of employees.

3. Further, Treasury Rules enjoin Treasury Officers to perform prescribed checks and to exercise
due care while passing a bill or other vouchers in order to ensure that the financial interests of the Government are protected against fraud,misappropriation and inadmissible claims.

4. Further, the Treasury Officer shall disallow any inadmissible or doubtful item which can be easily eliminated.

5. Therefore, all District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to follow the above provision with regard to LTC claim enter in the S.R of the concerned individual.

6. The District Educational Officers are also requested to issue necessary instruction to all Dy.E.O's/ MEO's/HM's in this regard. Any deviation in the matter will be viewed seriously.
Procgs.Rc.No.375/D3-2/2011 Dated: 25.01.2011

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