Rc.512 AP DSC-2014 Experts Committee Constituted on DSC 2014 Final Key

RC 512 Experts Committee Constituted  on AP DSC-2014 Final Key

Proceedings of the Director ,SCERT,AP,Hyd
Proc.Rc.No. 512/B/Con/SCERT/2015 Dated: 15-8-2015

SCERT,  A.P.,  Hyderabad  -TET-cum-TRT-2014 - Court Cases filed  in Hon'ble A.P.A.T. on final  key of  TET-cum-TRT-2014 - Constitution of Experts Committee with  identified teachers - Reg.

l)Proc.Rc.No.599/TRC-1/2015,dated:31-7-2015 of the  CSE,  A.P., Hyderabad
2) O.A. No. 4260/2015   filed  in the  Hon'ble  A.P.A.T., Hyderabad
3) O.A. No. 4209/2015   filed  in the  Hon'ble  A.P.A.T., Hyderabad
4) O.A. No. 3207 /2015  filed  in the  Hon'ble  A.P.A.T., Hyderabad


The attention of the under mentioned District Educational Officers/ Principals of DIETs are informed that,the Commissioner of School Education, A.P.,Hyderabad in the reference read above, has requested the  Director, SCERT, A.P., Hyd  to constitute  Expert Committee consisting of three members and obtain report on the objections,in the O.A. Nos. 4260/2015, 4209/2015 and 3207 /2015 filed  by the applicants  in the Hon'ble  A.P.A.T., Hyderabad, so as to enable  to prepare Counter affidavit and also to file before the Hon'ble  A.P.A.T.,, Hyderabad.

Hence, the  Expert  Committee   is here by constituted with the subject experts to prepare the report on objections...
Expert Committee for Physical Education (Telugu) 1. Sri.Ramakrishna, Lecturer in Phy. Education,  9441144246
2. Sri. Basha, Lecturer In Phy. Education, DIET, Nellore 
3.Sri. K. Guru Prasad, PET, PNM, Mpl. Corporation, School, Nellore.

Expert Committee for School Assistant  (Social Studies)  1.Smt. Subha Venugopal,Lecturer, AMS, Hyderabad 
2.Smt. Satyapriya, Lecturer, SCERTAVerabad 
3.Sri. Govindu, Lecturer irrolET, Kurnool- 9440466183/ 8515252536 

Expert Committee for PET / Language Pandit with English 1.Sri. K. Pandu Ranga Swamy, Professor, SCERT, A.P.
2.Sri. Y. Raghava Reddy, Principal, DIET, Kurnool
3.Sri. Ramakrishna, Lecturer, DIET E.G.
They are therefore requested to attend this office on 17.08.2015 and prepare a report and submit the same to the Director,SCERT, A.P., Hyderabad.
This reference should be treated as Most Urgent

Proc.Rc.No.512/B/Con/SCERT/2015 Dated: 15-8-2015 
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