Rules For AP Model Schools | AP Schools Teachers Rationalisation

Rules For AP Model Schools and AP Schools Teachers Rationalisation

Rationalisation: Rationalisation is the process to adjust teachers according to the ratio of pupil. Teachers are afraiding of this become they have to compulsorily shuffle from their places. So, it may be farthest or nearest place they have to move. Apart from that many schools are closing due to lakh of children. This we should overcome.

Rules,AP Model Schools, APTeachers Rationalisation

A.P govt released G.Os on rationalistion of primary schools suggested to take action of rationalistion, merging schools, Adarsha schools school education secretary ordered to appoint committees mandal wise to identify schools/formation of Adarsha schools. According to the suggestions of working group formed by govt the plan of action of rationalistion takes place below 30 members with in a panchayat and; above schools are identified suggestions are given DEOs sent the details to education department. approximate 8 thousand schools are going to merge.

AP APP/Model School Establishment New Guidelines

1. Model school to each panchayat.
2. Teachers are appointed in the ratio 1:30 and 5 teachers for 5 classes.
3. 1 English teacher will be among those 5.
4. Minimum 100 is the strength in these schools.
5. If the strength exceeds 130 then 5 teachers and 1 H.M will be appointed.
6. Furniture, A.V equipment, library, drinking water facilities will be provided.
7. If schools are with 30 members children within same panchayat they will merge.
8. Schools will exempted if that village have canals, highways, Railway tracks etc.
9. SC, ST, tribal area schools also exempted.
10. If the children are above 150 then more than 1 Adarsha/Model school can be formed.
To identify such schools complex H.Ms, MEO, municipal commissioners in municipalities school complex H.Ms should appoint in there committees except Adarsha schools other schools will centime as usual.
#Rc 25 AP Primary Schools Rationalisation 2015 Guidelines, AP Teachers Rationalization


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