Teachers attaining 50 years Age Shall be Exempted from Departmental Test for Promotions

Teachers attaining the age of 50 Years shall be exempted from Departmental Test for Promotions

Memo.034408,50 Years Age Completed Teachers, 50 years age crossed teachers, Promotions, Departmental Tests Exempted, Teachers attaining the age of 50 Years shall be exempted from passing the Departmental Test for the purpose of promotion only and not for SPP-II Scale

Teachers attaining 50 years Age, Departmental Test,Promotions

Government of Andhra Pradesh, Finance (PC-II) Department
Memo.No.034408/248/PC-II/2011 Date : 04.02.2012

RPS 2010 - Automatic Advancement Scheme- Allowing SPP-II Scale (Second Level Promotion to the Category-III Teachers) -Who crossed 50 Years of age- Certain Clarification - Reg.
Second Level Promotion.

References :
1) DTA,AP,Hyd Lr.No.M4/12101/2010,dt.02.12.2011 along with the copy of Lr.No.even Dt.04.08.2010
2) Lr.No.278/2011,dt.23.12.2011 from the President, A.P.United Teachers Federation
3) Lr.No.STU/388/2011,dt.26.12.2011 from the Secretary, State Teacher's Union, AP, Hyderabad

1. The attention of the Director of Treasuries and Accounts is invited to the references cited and he is informed in response to his earlier Lr.No.M1/3309/2008, dt.06.01.2009, Government in Finance (PC-II)  Department has issued a clarification on the orders of GO.Ms.No.95,Education (Services-I) Department, Dt.25.07.2005, with regard to second exemption on completion  of 50 years of age to the Teachers vide Memo.No.21073/193/PC-II/2009, Finance(PC-II)Department,dt.21.02.2009.

2. The Sub Rule (4) of Rule 10 of A.P.School Educational Service Rules issued in G.O.Ms.No.95, Education, dt.25.07.2005  states that the candidates who were appointed as teachers by direct recruitment on attaining the age of 50 Years shall be exempted from passing the Departmental Test referred to in Sub Rule (1) for the purpose of promotion and not for Automatic Advancement

3. Hence, the exemption of Departmental tests is applicable to Secondary Grade Teachers, School Assistants etc., who were selected by direct  recruitment and gets initial appointment after 50 years of age. This provision is applicable to the employees whose initial appointment is after 50 years of age. Therefore, the question of exempting the teachrs who are recruited before attaining the age of 50 years for the purpose of appointing them to the Special Promotion Post Scale-II under Automatic Advancement Scheme does not arise.

3. Therefore, the claims preferred in SPP-II Scale without acquiring prescribed qualifications for the next promotion post to the 1st level promotion post to the original post in respect of the Teachers, on the ground that they have got 2nd exemption on attaining the age of 50 years is not in accordance with the rules laid down for SPP-II scale under Automatic  Advancement Scheme.

4. It is once again reiterated that no change / no deviation has taken place after issue of instructions in Memo.No.210731193/PC-B/2009,  Finance(PC-II)Department,date:21.02.2009 read with G.O.ms.No.93, Finanee(PC-II)Department,dt.03 04 2010, G.O.Ms.No 96, Finance (PC-II)Department,dt.20.05.2011  and Memo.No.023400-A/1631PC-11/ 2011,dt.09.09.2011.

5. Therefore, orders instructions issued in Govt. Metno.No.21073/193/PC-1117009, Finance,dt.21.02.2009 are in accordance with the Rules and contents of G.O.MS No.95,Education (Services-V) Department, Dt.25.07.2005.

Memo.No.034408/248/PC-II/2011 Date : 04.02.2012


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