AP SSA U-DISE Guidelines and Schedule/Calendar of Activities

AP SSA U-DISE Guidelines, Instructions and Schedule/Calendar of Activities

SSA AP U-DISE Revised Schedule/ #CalendarofActivities For 2015-16, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Andhra Pradesh U-Dise 2015-16, DSE AP Instructions on Collection of U-DISE for 2015-16, General guidelines, DCF Formats, Training programmes, SSA Annual Plan, Child Info enrolment form, Data Entry; Government of AP Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, School Education Department, Instructions to DEOs & POs on collection of U-DISE data for the year 2015-16

U-DISE Guidelines, Calendar of Activities

U-DISE 2014-15 Schedule and Instructions: DISE means District Information System for Education. DISE For monitoring activities of Government’s flagship programme, namely Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), a computerized management information system, namely DISE with school as the unit of data collection and district as the unit of data dissemination has been successfully developed jointly by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of HRD, Government of India and UNICEF which is under implementation in all the 662 districts spread over 35 States and UTs of the country.

Andhra Pradesh, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has informed to all the Project Officers of AP SSA and District Educational Officers in the state that,  the data related to schools, infrastructure, teachers, and enrollment is being collected every year through DISE since 2002-03. After collection, the data is entered in the software providing by NUEPA at District Project Offices, The district wise data is merged at state level and the same is furnished to NUEPA for merging at National level. From the year 2012-13 as per the MHRD orders the collection of DISE Data is extended up to higher secondary level/ Jr. Colleges.

Accordingly the Revised schedule for collection of data for UDISE 2015-16 communicating in the reference of F.No.NUEPA (EMIS-DISE data) 2015-16, Dt: 24.07.2015 from NUEPA, New Delhi for taking necessary action and the certain guidelines have been issued for collection of UDISE 2015-16 data to the field level functionaries i.e., Dy.EOs/ MEOs/ CRPs/ Principals/ Head Masters and obtain the correct and accurate data.

They are further informed that the HMs who submit the incorrect data and the field functionaries who scrutinize the data I persons who enter wrong data will be held responsible and action will be initiated against them for the errors found after submission of data when compared with the actual status in school.

U-DISE Data Collection Instructions to DEOs DPOs
1. Educational Statistics Data Collection to be done every year in U¬DISE Format with 30th September as the reference date covering all Schools/Junior Colleges functioning in the State.
2. U-DISE data is the basis for the formulation AWP&B Plans for SSA and RMSA.
3. Utmost care should be taken in Collection/Scrutiny/Data Entry/Validation of Data
4. Printing of Data Capture Formats (DCF) and Data Entry Work is entrusted to SSA.
5. RMSA staff to coordinate with the SSA Staff in order to carry out this gigantic task of collection of UDISE.
6. Data is being collected every year since 2001-02
7. Proper supervision and Monitoring by the field functionaries.
8. DEOs/DPOs to pay attention and instruct the field Officers to obtain the accurate data within the prescribed time.
9. Ensure that all New Schools opened in 2014-15 are covered in addition to the schools existing up to 2013-14 irrespective of Management.
10. Seek the Co-ordination of other Departments like Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare and Intermediate Education for covering their schools / Jr.Colleges in UDISE.
11. To request the Departments to identify a Nodal Officer for Collection of Data.
12. To entrust the Collection/Scrutiny of High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools to the concerned Dy.E.Os
13. To involve RI0/1DVE0 of Intermediate Education for collection of Junior Colleges Information.
14. To instruct HMs to provide correct and accurate data in U-DISE and make HMs responsible for the incorrect data.
15. To ensure 1000/0 coverage of Inclusive Education data, Civil Works, Social Group wise data including Minority.

16. 100% scrutiny is to be under taken by the first level field officer

Launching of UDISE Data Collection - 2015-16
1. All the Districts to print the U-DCF 2015-16 from the DISE software.
2. Before DCF is printed, identify and initialize schools which were not covered under DISE: 2014-15 Update School Directory with reference to up-gradation of schools, closed schools, merged schools etc.
3. To ensure that DCF also reaches to degree colleges having classes XI & XII during 2015-16 data collection.
4. To observe DISE Week/Fortnight so that data from across the state is collected during said period.
5. To observe September 30th, 2015 as DISE-day with focus on data sharing, dissemination, poster-competition, address by SPD and DPC, reward to MIS officers for outstanding work etc.
6. To share Data Capture Format: 2015-16 and other related issues, organize orientation programmes at cluster, block, district and state levels.
7. To initiate Special drives (advertisement in local newspapers, through SMS, FM Radio etc.) to ensure data collection from all the schools imparting school education including private unaided schools.
8. Officers of the mainstream departments are responsible for educational statistics may also be involved in U-DISE 2015-16 at all levels.
9. To ensure 100 percent checking of filled-in DCF at CRC level, 20 percent at block and 10 percent at district level_
10. To ensure use of 'Consistency Module' provided in the software and remove all inconsistencies in data, if any with the help of SRC and CRC Coordinators and school H Ms/Pri nci pa I/Respondents.
11. 'Data-entry' to be handled by SSA. RMSA to be present with the SSA at the time of consistency check of data in case of Secondary & Higher Secondary schools/sections and also whenever their presence is required.

U-Dise 2015-16- Revised Tentative Time Frame For Activities:

Sl. No. Item of work Proposed schedule
Finalization of School Directory for the Year 2015-16 at District Level.
01-09-15 to 10-09-15
Finalization of guidelines for Data Capture Format (DCF) and State Variables and Generation of data for the year 2015-16 at SPO
08-09-15 to 17-09-15
Printing of UDISE training manuals at SPO
By 21-09-15
One day Workshop for ASO, APOs, MIS Cor., ASO O/o. DEO on generation of data for the year 2015-16 & printing of UDISE DCF with UDISE S/W and Corrections of GPs, Habitation & Assembly Names in UDISE at State Level.
Printing of DCF through UDISE S/W at district Project Offices
23-09-15 to 28-09-15
Observing UDISE DAY
One day district level training to mandal teams @ 3 from each mandal (1 MEO, two MRG teachers), PMRC incharges, Dy.EOs, RIOs, DVEOs - not more than 50 participants in each spell and Distribution of DCFs Note: Involve RMSA Staff.
Complete by 01-10-15
· One day mandal level training to CRPs/HMs (District MIS staff should attend to Mandal trainings as resource persons to the complicated mandals) and distribution of DCF. · One day District Level training to Principals of Junior Collages by RIOs, DVEOs & Dy.E.Os and distribution of DCF.
Complete by 06-10-15
Filling up of Data Capture Formats by school HMs and Field Data Collection(Reference date 30th Sep 2014)
06-10-15 to 09-10-15
Scrutiny and Cross Checking of 100% Data Capture Formats at School Complex(CRP) Level
10-10-15 to 13-10-15
Two day state level training to ASO/APOs on UDISE software for data entry& Plan Tool Software by RMSA @ 3 from each district (ASO & APOs working in O/o DPO &ASO working in O/o DEO)
12-10-15 to 13-10-15
Scrutiny and Cross Checking of 25% Data Capture Formats at MRC Level
14-10-15 to 17-10-15
Submission of Data capture formats to District Project Office by MEOs as per Schedule
By 19-10-15
Arrangement of at least 15 systems for data entry at district level
By 19-10-15
One day training to Mandal MIS Coordinator / data entry operators for data entry at District Headquarters on UDISE software and entry procedures
By 26-10-15
Scrutiny and Cross checking of 5% DCF at District level
By 26-10-15
Data entry at the district level/Mandal level under the supervision of concerned MEOs / MRG Teachers / Mandal MIS Coordinators Error Checking using Consistency Module and Validation Software either at District/Mandal level. Printing of School Report Cards after data entry and re-verification by HMs.
27-10-15 to 21-11-15
Removal of Errors/Discrepancies in the data
23-11-15 to 30-11-15
Merging of Mandal wise data at District level after removal of errors
01-12-15 to 03-12-15
Submission of district data to State Head Office
04-12-15 to 09-12-15
Error Checking at State Level
10-12-15 to 12-12-15
Merging of District level data at State Project Office
13-12-15 to 17-12-15
Printing and distribution of school report cards to all schools in the state
18-12-15 to 27-12-15
Submission of data to NUEPA , EdCIL(TSG) & MHRD
Dissemination of data at state, district and Mandal levels
01-01-16 to 10-01-16
Printing of a booklet on educational statistics
11-01-16 to 25-01-16
Generation of tables for Planning
3rd week of Jan’16

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