TS D.Ed I Year Examination 2015 Centers in Warangal District

TS D.Ed I Year Exams 2015 Centers in Warangal District

RC.0l Proposals for Constitution of D.Ed Examination centers & List of Chief Superintendents Conduct of D.Ed I Year Examination, October 2015 in Warangal District, Government Of Telangana State, Director of Government Examinations, Telangana State Hyderabad, Rc.No.0l/C1/TS/2015 dt:28-09-2015

Conduct of D.Ed I Year Examination, October 2015 - Furnish the proposals for Constitution of Examination centers & List of Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers with contact numbers - Requested - Reg.

TS D.Ed First Year Exams 2015 Time Table

This Office Press note on even no., dated: 26-09-2015.

With reference to the subject cited, I am to inform you that the D.Ed 1 Year Examinations for the batch 2014-2016 are scheduled to be conducted in the month of October 2015. The table given below indicates the number of Institutes and strength allotted to those institutes in your District.
S. No. Inst Code Name of the College with Address Total Candidates
1. 1901 Ekashila College of 'Diploma in Education, Ekashila Campus, 6-2-12, Hyderabad road, Janagaon, Warangal district. 94
2. 1902 Dr. ZakirFlussain Memorial college of Elementary Teacher Education, Drio.15-1-59/1A, Opp:Govt. Polytechnic, SVP Road, Warangal-506002. 54
3. 1903 Fatima College of Elementary Teacher Education, Fatirnanagar, NIT Post, Warangal Warangal district. 48
4. 1904 St. Peter's D.Ed College Vidyanagar, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 505001, 55
5. 1905 Rahrnans Elemontary Teacher Education Enstitute„ Jangaon, Warangal. 55
6. 1906 Dr,M,R. Reddy College of Elementary Teacher Education, Parkal (M), Warangal 60
7. 1907 TallaPadmaYathi Institute of Teacher Education, Islamia Grounds, Warangal-506102. 52
8. 1908 Jangaon College of Elementary Teacher Education, No. 1-2- 333,Siddipet Road, Jangaon, Warangal - 506167. 52
9. 1909 Yasmeen Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Unikicherla, Waddepalli, Dharmasagar(M), Warangal-506370. 31
10 1910 Vaagdevi College of ID,Ed., Programme., Parkal, Warangal District-506164, 51
11. 1911 Viswmbhara Teacher Training institute, Bollikunta, Warangal District-506005. 49
12. 1912 Sravanthi Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Dliarmaram (post&Mandal), Geesugonda, Warangal-506330. 55
13. 1913 MargadarshiEle. Teacher Education, Mahabubabad, Warangal. 53
14. 1914 GOVT DIET Hanamkonda, Warangal 144
15. 1916 St. Mary's Elementary Teacher Training Institute, H.No, 6-2-7/1/, Hyderabad Road, Jangaon, Warangal district. 57
16. 1917 Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Khasara No.257, 258, 260, 261, 263, 263/B, Pernbarthy (V&P), Jangaon (P), Warangal District 49
17. 1918 Balaji Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Formerly (Maheshwaram Institute of Elementary Teacher Education) Maheshwaram,Narsampet(M), Warangal dist. 54
19. 1920 Jayamukhi Teacher Training Institute, Moqdumpuram, Chennaraopet, Narsampet Warangal - 506332. 50
20. 1921 Mother Teresa College of Education, TNIo.137/A, 137/B, 150 & 152, main Road, Yellandu Road Village, Mahabubabad (P&M), Warangal District 55
21. 1922 Kakatiya College of D.Ed, KM°. Vol 152 Registration Doc 266, Plot No.351, Unikicherla (V&P)., Dharmasagar (M), Hanarnkonda Town, Warangal District 33
22. 1923 VishwaTeja College of Elementary Education, Khasara No. 189, 189/1, Waddepally (V), Hanamkorida Post, Warangal District 61
23. 1924 Vinuthna College of Education, Plot No.264 & 267, Jayagir Road, Hasanparty (V&M), Warangal District 52
24. 1925 St. Arras Teacher Training Institute, Plot /Khasara No.236B, Plot No.6-2-7/1-16, Hyderabad Road, Jangaon Town and Mandel, Warangal District 53
25. 1926 Sri Vivekananda College of Elrrientary Education, 590/1, 591/2, Edulapussapally Road, Mahabubabad, Warangal 59
26. 1927 DRS College of Education plot no.298/c1, Fathepur village 27 ,Thorrur post ,Warangal 506163 50
27. 1928 Vivekananda CET PLOT NO 715/1,724/1, Narasampet (V,P&Tq), Warangal 506132 50
28. 1929 Shivani Institute of Teacher Education, lthasaral Plot No.89, 103, 101, B7/2, 107, 90/2, 91, Ramavaram Street, Laknepally Village, maheshwaram Post, Narsampet Taluk & City, Warangal District - 505331.(new) 50

Keeping in view of the above, I request you to propose and furnish sufficient number of Examination Centers by avoiding centres which were constituted previously to the maximum extent and by adding 10% excess actual intake to constitute by appointing the Chief Superintendents & Departmental Officers to those centers to this office to take further necessary action for smooth conduct of Examination.

I further request you to furnish the required information by 01-10-2015 as it is a time bound subject. The proposals shall be sent in the format given under to maintain uniformity across state.

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