NEP New Education Policy Final Schedule for Consultations and Upload Reports on GOI Portal

Rc.430 NEP-New Education Policy Schedule for Consultations and Upload Reports and Guidelines

#Rc430,TS SCERT, DSE Telangana has given #NEP final schedule to complete the consultative meetings at Grass-root Level Consultative Meetings from Gram Panchayat, Mandal, District and State on New Education Policy and upload the reports at various levels on New Education Policy. Certain guidelines and Instructions have been issued on this subject.

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Rc.No.430/D/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated: 30.09.2015

Subject: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Formulation of the New Education Policy - Grass-root Level Consultative Meetings from Gram Panchayat, Mandal, District and State on New Education Policy - Communication of further schedule to complete the consultations and upload the reports to GOI portal – Video conference with all the DEOs, MEOs, HMs, Computer Operators on 3rd October, 2015 between 02.00 PM to 04.00 PM - Orders issued – Reg.

1. Proceedings Rc. No. 430/D/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated: 03.09.2015
2. Meeting with the DEOs on the New Education Policy by the Commissioner & Director of School Education and Principal Secretary to the Government, Dt. 25/08/2015.

All the RJDSEs, DEOs and POs of SSA are hereby informed that vide reference cited, detailed instructions have been issued along with schedule for conducting consultative meetings from Gram Panchayat, Mandal, District and State on New Education Policy. Further, vide reference 2 cited, a one day orientation was conducted to all the DEOs and District team members on 25th August, 2015 by the Principal Secretary to the Government and Director of School Education.

In this regard, it is to inform you that the schedule was not followed properly in majority of the Districts. The DEOs are expected to review the position with the District and Mandal teams on the proposed consultations in a serious manner and attend some of the consultative meetings at Gram Panchayat and Mandal Level duly deputing District Level officers to the consultative meetings. This was not happened in majority of the Districts. Following is the final schedule to complete the consultative meetings at all levels and upload the reports at various levels.
Sl. No. Nature of work Schedule Officer I/C
1 Furnishing the details of Nodal Officers names and mobile numbers from the Districts 30-09-2015 DEO of the District.
2 Furnishing the files to the NIC, Hyderabad. 30-09-2015 G. Srinivas Reddy, DSO, SCERT, TS.
3 Onward transmission of files to NIC, GOI and getting the passwords. 03-10-2015 State Information Officer (SIO), NIC, Hyderabad.
4 Video conferencing with DEOs and MEOs on the entire process of consultations and uploading reports etc. 03-10-2015 02.00PM to 04.00 PM Director of School Education
5 Completion of consultations at Gram Panchayat Level (if any leftover). 06-10-2015 DEO
6 Completion of consultations at Mandal Level (if any leftover). 06-10-2015 DEO
7 Completion of consultations at Urban Municipality Level (as per the list). 07-10-2015 DEO
8 Completion of consultations at District Level. 08-10-2015 DEO
9 Entry of reports of Gram Panchayats at MRC Level 05-10-2015 to 07-10-2015 MEOs and Dy.EOs
10 Entry of reports of Mandal/ Urban Municipalities at MRC Level 05-10-2015 to 08-10-2015 MEOs and Dy.EOs
11 Entry of reports of District at DEO Office 09-10-2015 and 10-10-2015 CEO, ZP and DEO
12 State Level consultative meetings – Multi Level stakeholders Round Table meetings (3 or 4 such meetings) with (1) Teachers Unions (2) Departmental Officers and Teachers (3) NGOs and other representatives (4) Students Between 11-10-2015 to 15-10-2015 Director, SCERT
13 Uploading of State Level Report to portal and furnishing hard copy to GOI. 17-10-2015 Director, SCERT


  1. The DEOs are requested to appraise the schedule and consultative processes to the District Collector and conduct all the meetings as per the schedule as above.
  2. DEOs and MEOs are requested to coordinate with various local bodies i.e. Gram Panchayat, Mandal Parishad and Zilla Parishd and Municipal Corporations in organizing and discussing on the Themes and Questions of Consultative Document and uploading the final views of the local body in the software.
  3. Official E-mail Ids have been created for all local bodies for Gram Panchayat, Mandal Parishad and Zilla Parishd and Municipal Corporations which will also serve as the log in Ids for The passwords will be sent to the e-mail address of local bodies and also to the mobile number of Panchayat Secretaries, MPDOs, and CEOs. Therefore, the Headmasters, MEOs and DEOs are requested to inform them about the passwords that they are going to receive from NIC, New Delhi. Through these passwords, the consultation documents may be uploaded in the software using the Ids. The Panchayat Secretary and HM are responsible to upload the consultancy document of Panchayat Level at MRC. The MPDO/ Municipal Commissioner and MEO are responsible for uploading the document of Mandal Level consultations at MRC. The CEO Zilla Parishad and DEO of the District are responsible for uploading the District Level Consultation Document.
  4. The DEOs also can look into the documents uploaded from Gram Panchayat, Mandal and Urban Municipality Level consultations at mygov web portal which helps in representing the views of consultations at various levels in the District Level reports. Similarly the MEOs and MPDOs can look at the reports uploaded from the Gram Panchayats under their Mandals and reflect some of their ideas in the Mandal Level reports. The District Reports are not standalone report, they should reflect the suggestions and ideas of Village Level and Mandal Level consultations in addition to suggestions and ideas from District Level consultative meetings.
  5. The District Level meeting shall be conducted under the Chairmanship of District Collector duly involving Public representatives; CEO ZP; DEO; Dy.EOs; Representatives of urban administration; MEOs of selected Mandals; HMs of selected Primary and Secondary schools; Persons from Adult Education Department; Women & Child Development; DIETs, CTEs, IASEs; some of the citizens; NGOs; some students and also other stakeholders as per the suggestions from District Collector.
  6. Each District shall focus on the specialized skills/ vocations required to be promoted among the students/ youth and keeping in view of the District specific resources, geographical conditions, major economic practices and employability positions. How education and skills training can be integrated and possible collaboration with industries and Self Help Groups (SHGs) may be deliberated. In this regard, different educational initiatives with regard to policy may be proposed. They can deliberate on the major challenges the schools and students face i.e. dropouts, migration, child labour etc. and provide possible solutions to address the challenges and suggest required changes at policy level. Further,
  7. The State Information Officer (SIO), NIC, Hyderabad shall provide cooperation and needed assistance along with District Information Officers (DIO), NIC of the concerned Districts in uploading the consultative documents. The DIOs shall provide orientation to the District Level Asst. Statistical Officers (ASOs), MIS Coordinators working in O/o DEO and PO SSA. They in turn along with DIO provide orientation to Mandal Level Data Entry Operators available at MRC. The DEO shall organize one day training to them with practical data entry after receiving the passwords at District Level. The DEOs are requested to communicate the mobile numbers and e-mails of DIOs and ASOs/ MIS Coordinators of DEO and SSA offices to the Mandal Level Data Entry Operators and MEOs to contact in case of any doubts/ problems in data entry.
  8. The data entry pertaining to consultations of Gram Panchayat, Mandal Parishad and Urban Municipalities shall be in Telugu and the District and State reports shall be in English. All the Headmasters and Panchayat Secretaries are requested to furnish their reports to the MRC for the data entry during 5th to 7th October, 2015 and upload at MRC Level. Further, the Mandal/ Urban Municipalities reports shall also be entered and uploaded at MRC Level during 5th to 8th October, 2015. The MEOs and MPDOs are requested to make necessary arrangements in the data entry and complete within the given schedule. They can also take support from MPDO office and Government schools in uploading the reports using their ICT facilities.
  9. Mr. G. Srinivas Reddy, DSO, SCERT-8978488566 and Mr. Brahma Chary, ASO, State Project Office, SSA, Telangana-8106473082 shall be looking after uploading the State Level Report and they will also assist provide guidance to the Districts. They can contact them over the phone for certain clarifications in uploading the reports.
  10. The DEOs are requested to involve District Resource Group who were oriented at State Level on 25th August, 2015 i.e. DIET Principal, Dy.EOs, AMO of SSA, MIS Coordinator/ ASO of DEO/ SSA office in conducting the above consultative meetings and uploading the reports. DEOs are requested to review the position with them every day till completion of the work and with MEOs from time to time so as to complete the work in the given schedule as above. The District Resource Group members and Dy.EOs may be given In-charge of certain Mandals to monitor the entire consultative processes and data entry.
  11. DEOs also requested to focus on the quality of consultations and the level of participation of the stakeholders in the consultative meetings.
  12. The Principals and staff members of DIETs, CTEs, IASEs are requested to participate actively and associate with the consultative meetings and processes.
  13. The RJDSEs are requested to review with DEOs on the effective conduct of consultative meetings as per the schedule as above and participate in some of the meetings.
  14. The DEOs informed that about 13 Themes were given along with questions under each Theme from the GOI for discussion during the consultation meetings. The Districts may include one or two more themes which otherwise not covered, which they feel need to be deliberated based on their District specific challenges and requirements.
  15. The District specific Question Template under each of 13 Themes and the document of New Education Policy with 13 Themes in English is enclosed for reference.
  16. The DEOs also informed that if any Gram Panchayats and Mandals are not covered in the given list from NIC, the same may be furnished to the Director of School Education (DSE) with the names and mobile numbers of Village Secretary and MPDO so that passwords will be generated for those Gram Panchayats and Mandals uploading the consultation document.
  17. The DEOs are requested to meet the CEO of ZP in their District and appraise about the consultations and the role of Panchayatraj Bodies and request him to inform all the MPDOs and Village Secretaries to collaborate and participate in the consultative processes.
  18. The DEOs are requested to furnish the progress report online in the given proforma by the 10th October, 2015 positively to the Director of School Education (
  19. A video conference is scheduled on 3rd October, 2015 between 02.00PM to 04.00PM by the Director of School Education with DEOs; Principals of DIETs, CTEs, IASEs; Dy.EOs; and MEOs to discuss on the entire process of consultations and uploading reports etc. and clarifying doubts if any. All the DEOs and District Level Officers are requested to attend the video conference. The MEOs, MPDOs, concerned Headmasters, Village Secretaries and Data Entry Operators may attend the video conference at Mandal Level.

All the RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to take necessary action and complete the consultative meetings and upload the consultative documents as per the schedule as above. This is the time bound programme and the State should furnish the reports to the Govt. of India on time. Therefore, this must be treated as most prioritized item of work and DEOs are requested to focus on it and complete the work. The Director, SCERT as Nodal Officer at State Level is requested to coordinate the consultative processes in the Districts as per the schedule discussed above.Encl: 1. New Education Policy with 13 Themes in English and Theme-wise Question Template, 2. Proforma for submission of progress report.

#NEP-New Education Policy Complete Information

#New Education Policy Final Schedule for Consultations and Upload Reports on GOI Portal
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