Rc.45 Interaction of the PM with Students on the eve of Teachers Day on 5th September

Rc.45 Report of Interaction of the PM with Students on the eve of Teachers Day on 04.09.2015

Rc.45 Interaction of the PM with Students on the eve of Teachers Day on 5th September, RC 45 Teachers Day Celebrations-Hon'ble Prime Minister Address the School children on 4th September, 2015. Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education,Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad
Rc.No.45/MC/2015 Dated:03-09-2015

 School Education - Interaction of the Hon'ble Prime Minister with the students on the eve of Teachers Day on 04.09.2015 - Report -Called for - Reg.

1. A copy of Fax from Additional Secretary Goverament of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development,Department of School Education, New Delhi dated 24.8.2015
2. This office Proc. Even no. Dt:26.08.2015
3. Govt. Memo No.46599/Prog.11/A1/2015 Dt:02.09.2015

While enclosing a copy of the Govt memo in the reference 3rd read above, and the Regional Joint Director of School Education / District Educational Officers in the State are requested to furnish the details of the children as annexure below, who have-either seen or heard the broadcast with regard to Teachers Day address of the Hon'ble Prime Minister by evening of 4th September, 2015 and also sent a report by 7th September, 2015 including photographs and video clipping of school
 children viewing / listening to the broadcast in the State.

1. Total No. Govt/ Z.P. / Local Bodies / Mpl. / Schools :
2. No. of Private aided / Un-aided schools
3. No. of Schools having ICT programme facility
4. No of Schools having APNET ROTs facility
5. Jr. Colleges having APNET ROTS facility
6. No of MPDO offices having APNET ROTs facility
7. No. of Degree Colleges having APNET ROTs facility
8.Others (Universities / Medical Colleges / Polytechnic etc.) :
Total No. of Institutions having TV / Internet facility :

They are also requested to send a report on arrangements made to view the Prime Minister's address
on Television /Computer etc. by 05.09.2015 positively through e-mail so as to send the same to the Government.
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