Swachha Patashala WASH in School Programme Day wise Activities in TS Schools in October 2015

Swatcha Pathashala day wise activities from 1st to 31st October in TS Schools

Proc.Rc.No.2315 Dt:28-9-2015; Conduct of activities in October month under Swachha Patashala programme as suggested by Govt.of India under Swacchatha in schools-Orders-Issued. Action Plan on Implementation of Swasthh Programme for October, 2015 Under Swachh Patashala. Swachh Patashala - WASH activities - October 1st to 31st - Will be an extension to Swachh Patashala -Wash in School Programme

Swachha Patashala,WASH in School Programme,Activities

The activities will be taken up under Swachh Patashala will be under the following heads:
A. School Level- 1st to 10th October, 2015; 26th to 31st October
B. Home level: 11th to 25th October, 2015. (Short term vacation)
C. Community Level: 11 to 25th October, 2015. (Short term vacation)

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Read more: WASH in School Programme

A. School Level activities: 1st to 10th October;  26th to 31st October.
1) Children's Cabinets - Conduct of Balasabha- Awareness among all children on Swachh Patashala- WASH in schools component. (Modules already provided to School Heads).
2) Wall Writings near hand washing facility and inside toilets.
3) Water- Cleaning of water storage units, safe water handling processes.
4) Personal Hygiene: Children's cabinets will reinforce personal hygiene habits- cutting nails, hair grooming, bathing, dental hygiene etc.,
5) Sanitation: Cleaning of toilets, maintenance of water pipes, drain pipes.
6) Replacing broken buckets/mugs etc.
7) Disposing all the unused, waste material at school.
8) Cleaning the premises.
9) Whitewashing the school.
10) Waste disposal mechanism.
11) Digging soak pit.
12) Construction of low cost sanitary napkin incinerator.
13) Where ever possible, take up constructions of battery of taps.
14) Wall magazine on WASH- which includes art and paint by children,
15) Conducting balasabhas- on WASH.
16) Assigning Project works/ Assignments on WASH-Swachhpatashala.

B. Home level activities: 11th to 25th October, 2015.
1. Cleaning home, surroundings, water storage units.
2. Cleaning their book shelves, covering the books.
3. Completing project works and assignments on WASH.
4. Encouraging family members to adopt hygienic habits.

C. Community level activities: 11th to 25th October, 2015.
1. Children from one habitation will be made into 2.3 groups.
2. Cleaning marsh ponds etc.,
3. Advocate foes dry day.
4. Advocating for construction of IHSL.
5. Rally on WASH.
6.  Survey in the habitation on Water, Sanitation and hygiene habits.
7. Selection of Best two schools at Mandal Level shall be completed by 1. November, 2015.
8. Selection of best two schools at District level shall be completed by 3. November, 2015.
9.Uploading of photos, themes, video documentation on Swachh Vidyalaya website by 31st. October, 2015 (Website address: mhrd.gov.in/swachh-vidyalaya-abhiyan)

Swacchatha in Schools Programme Starts From 1st October, 2015

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