TS Model School Principal Duties| Model School Principal JOB Chart

TS Model School Principal Duties/JOB Chart

TS Model School Principal Duties, Telangana Model School Principal JOB Chart, TSMS Principal Duties and Job Chart,RMSA Telangana has given instructions and guidelines for all the TS Model School Principals for Smooth functioning of Model School's Girls Hostels

TS Model School Principal Duties, JOB Chart

Proceedings Of The Director Of School Education And Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA, Telangana Hyderabad, Proc.Rc.No.134/RMSA/TS/2014; Dated: 11.09.2015
Sub: RMSA, Telangana - Girls Hostels - Arrangement of Warden/caretaker in the Girls Hostels attached to Model Schools -Certain instructions - Issued - Reg.
1. This office Proceedings Rc.No. 134/RMSA/TS/2014, Dated: 19-06-2015,06-07-2015, 07-08-2015 , 14-08-2015, 21-08-2015, 26-08-2015 , 02-09-2015 & 09-09-2015.

In continuation of this office Proceedings read above, all the Principals of Model Schools concerned are once again instructed to follow the following guidelines.
i. The duty of warden shall be assigned to the lady teachers on monthly rotation basis/as per the availability of the lady teachers.
ii. Daily duty to the lady teachers will be given to the teachers on rotation basis. Such teachers shall stay during the night in the hostel and handover charge to the next teacher coming to the hostel during the morning hours. The teacher shall look after study hour in night and morning.

The following are the job chart/duties to be performed by the Principal, Warden, ANM, Caretaker, Kitchen staff, Chowkidar and Food Committee Members

1) Principal is the overall in charge of the hostel. He/she shall run the hostel with the assistance of warden, caretaker and other staff.
2) He/she is responsible for maintaining records related to all financial transactions of hostel.
3) He/she shall supervise all the activities related to hostel.
4) He/she procure the necessary groceries, vegetables, milk, rice, gas etc. as per the indent submitted by the warden duly following the procedures laid down i.e. District Purchase Committee.
5) He/she shall be present at the time of all purchases related to hostel along with the warden.
6) He/she shall see that breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are served properly according to the menu prescribed and as per the timings mentioned.
7) He/she shall verify and certify the hostel related records and registers maintained by the warden, ANM, food committee etc.
8) He/she shall display the menu in the hostel and see that it is followed accordingly.
9) He/she shall see that no food item is wasted and it is sufficiently served to the students.
10) He/she shall conduct a weekly review meeting with the hostel staff and food committee for the effective functioning of the hostel.
11) He/she is authorized to sanction the leaves to the hostel staff.
12) He/she shall ensure that utmost discipline is maintained the hostel and the study hours communicated are properly conducted.
13) He/she shall form Food Committee with four (4) hostel boarders i.e. one from Intermediate II year, one from Intermediate I year, one from X class and one from IX class on monthly rotation basis.

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4. TS Model School Principal Duties/JOB Chart

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