26th NCSC District Level Science Project Competitions 2016-17

26th NCSC District Level Science Project Competitions 2016-17

District Level Science Project Competitions of 224th-25th  NCSC 2016-17, NCSC Warangal, NCSC 2016 Competitions, National Children,s Science Congress, Uderstanding Weather and Climate, Sub themes.  The 24th-25th National Children's Science Congress(NCSC) District Level Science Project Competitions would take place in Hanamkonda in November first week. The Project Competitions are being organised for students between the age group of 10th and 17th years. The Focal theme of the Competitions would be "Innovations in Science and Technology for sustainable Development"

NCSC, District Level Science Project Competitions,National Children's Science Congress

The 24th-25th District level Science Project Competitions of the National Children's Science Congress(NCSC) will commence in Hanamakonda in November First week. In this subject District Educational Officer has informed to all the School head Officials Managements and Teachers of High Schools should motivate the students to come up with innovative scientific projects on the specified themes of the Children’s Science Congress and further he suggested to all the students in the district that they can download the registration forms and register their projects or personally register their projects at the venue as per schedule.

In this connection, The District NCSC Co-ordinator K.Ramgopal Reddy said that district and state-level Children’s Science Congress would be jointly Organized by State Council of Science and Technology, Department of School Education and State Council of Educational Research and Training.

Focal theme and Sub Themes for 2016-2017
In this regarding V.Gurunatha Rao Said that, the project competitions were being organized for students between 10 and 17 years of age and competitions will be held on the focal theme "Innovations in Science and Technology for sustainable Development" and

The Sub themes include
  1. Natural Resource Management
  2. Food and Agriculture
  3. Energy
  4. Health, Hygiene & Nutrition.
  5. Lifestyles and Livelihoods
  6. Disaster Management
  7. Traditional Knowledge Systems.

and he said, State Level Children’s Science Congress will be held as per the new schedule and it will be conducted in November at any District and National level Competition at any state as per schedule.

Who is eligible to Participate?
  1. This is a forum open to young scientists in the age group of 10-17 years.
  2. There will be 2 (two) age groups. First is 10 to less than 14 years and the other is 14 to less than 17 years. To determine the age the base will be 31st December of the calendar year.
  3. NCSC is not restricted to the school-going children only but is also open for the non-school children from the marginalised sections of the society who can be involved as team members. Any child in the age group of 10-17 years can participate in the congress.
  4. A child scientist can not participate in the National Level CSC two times in the same age group.

The presentation at the technical sessions of the congress is a very important component of the entire process. Effective communication during briefing the issues of study, its objectives and methodology adopted for the study, important observation and findings, vital aspects on the way and approach to solve the problem or address problems is a very critical part of the exercise. Because only 8 minutes time is allotted for the purpose. Therefore, one has to plan pragmatically for the purpose. Children can use 4 different posters (which is mandatory) along with visuals through overhead projector or LCD projector for the purpose. Poster must be prepared on 55 cm x 70 cm (21.6" x 27.5") drawing sheets (i.e. chart papers).

Further details contact :
  1. District Academic Coordinator:V.Gurunadha Rao(9866549297)
  2. District Coordinator:K. Ramgopal Reddy(9492447099 )
  3. District resource person :A.Ganeshwar( 9966856373)

Important Dates
  1. Register the Projects on or before: November....
  2. Personally register the projects at the venue on November ......
  3. District level Science Project Competitions of the NCSC will commence in Hanamakonda on November First week.
  4. State Level CSC will be held on 3rd week of November at... District .
  5. National level Competition at any state in December.
NCSC Projects Competitions Schedule:
Dsitrict Level: Warangal- 21st, October(Different dates in Various Districts)
State Level at Nadigaama, Medak- 10, 11 November
National Level at VVIT Baaramati, Maharashtra- 27 to 31 December, 2016

Science is a wonderful thing of one doesn't have earns one's living at it"
 - Albert Einstein

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