NEP/New Education Policy theme XI.Promotion of Languages and Questions

New Education Policy Theme XI. Promotion of Languages and Questions

NEP/New Education Policy theme XI.Promotion of Languages and Questions: A multi-lingual society recognises the importance of education in languages. While there are some interventions for appointment of language teachers and promotion of classical languages, there is no comprehensive scheme or language policy and we need to have inputs on this dimension. India follows, in principle, a three language formula. Learning through mother tongue at least in the early stages of schooling is also advocated. There is also a general perception that children learning through English medium have advantage over others while entering the world of work.

NEP,New Education Policy theme,Promotion of Languages and Questions

The current status of Multi- lingual Education indicates that systematically planned

programs are being implemented by States of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, covering 8-10 tribal languages. Assam, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand have developed material for eg. dictionaries; reading cards for bridging children from home language to medium of instruction. States gradually expanding number of schools covered, adding new languages and also transitioning to bi-lingual or multi-lingual classrooms

Impact of Mother tongue based education has shown increased attendance and retention of tribal students , children are more engaged in the teaching and learning process, use of Lively, interactive using pictures and artifacts from tribal culture.

NCERT’s Evaluation study found that Mother tongue based education had a positive impact on students’ achievement in language and mathematics. Significant achievement found in the oral, written tests in language and Math by children in these schools when compared to non-intervention schools.

  • Which are the languages you would you like your children to learn in the schools?
  • What should be the place of English, Hindi and local languages in school education?
  • Which language you would prefer to be the medium of instruction in schools?
  • Should we encourage education in mother-tongue and multi-lingual education in schools? What are difficulties in implementing it?
  • Should three language formula be debated?
  • In a highly competitive world at which level and how can foreign languages be prescribed as an additional tool?
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