NEP Theme I. Ensuring Learning Outcomes in Elementary Education

NEP Theme I. Ensuring Learning Outcomes in Elementary Education

NEP/New Education Policy theme I. Ensuring Learning Outcomes in Elementary Education: In elementary education, despite improvements in access and retention, the learning outcomes for a majority of children continue to be an area of serious concern. Studies are showing that children are not learning the basic skills during their schooling. Many children who reach grade V cannot read simple texts and cannot do simple arithmetic calculations. The examination results of the children are poor. Concerted efforts are required to ensure that a minimum set of cognitive skills are acquired by all children during eight years of elementary education.

NEP Theme, Ensuring Learning Outcomes,Elementary Education

The States are implementing reforms such as early grade reading, writing, comprehension and maths programs in conjunction with defining and measuring learning outcomes. The NCERT has completed 3 rounds of National Level Achievements Survey for Classes –III, V, & VII/VIII. States have been given funds to conduct State level achievement surveys and the States are conducting State level learning achievement surveys which are at different stages of conducting one or more rounds of SLAS.

However, even with all these reforms, there is a need to explore the various approaches to improve teaching–learning at the elementary stage. There is a need to understand the reasons of low learning achievement levels in elementary schooling, assess the system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and suggest ways and methods of improving the learning outcomes of school children which would result in enhancing the quality of elementary education. The quality issues and determinants thereof such as ensuring availability of trained teachers, good curriculum and innovative pedagogy that impact upon learning outcomes of the children need to be addressed on priority basis.

  1. What in your view are the reasons for the poor performance of your children in the schools?
  2. How do we ensure that children learn the basic language and numeracy skills in the schools?
  3. How do we use technology to ensure real time availability of teachers?
  4. Should there be dedicated teachers for classes 1 & 2.
  5. What needs to be introduced in teacher training for improving teaching learning process at foundation level of schools?
  6. Should there be any special measures for primary schools to make them attractive for students, parents, teachers like colourful furniture, rugs play way toys, charts, pictures etc.
  7. Do you think games, art and confidence building measures should be introduced from primary level itself?
  8. What should be the student assessment systems?
  9. How many languages should be available for children to learn at elementary level?
  10. How do we factor in pre primary/ play school industry in our country that seems to be mushrooming?
  11. States to highlight in which areas do they seek international partnerships?
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