NEP Theme III.Strengthening of Vocational Education and Questions

NEP Theme III. Strengthening of Vocational Education and Questions

NEP/New Education Policy theme III. Strengthening of Vocational Education: A knowledgeable and skilled workforce is seen as the most important human capital required for the development of a country. Both vocational education and skill development are known to increase productivity of individuals, profitability of employers and national growth.

NEP Theme,Strengthening of Vocational Education,Questions

Vocational education aims to develop skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirement primarily the unorganized sector and to inculcate self employment skills in children through a large number of diversified vocational courses. Given that only 7 to 10 per cent of population is engaged in formal sector of economy, development of vocational education will provide skilled labour force in the informal sector which would further enhance the productivity. Several Committees also emphasize the need to improve access and participation to vocational education and recommends the flexibility of Vocational education within the main-stream education system.

In India, the general education and vocational education have been operating as two different verticals with very little interaction between the two. This had lead to hesitation in students opting vocational courses as there is a general apprehension that one cannot pursue higher degrees or qualification. The vocationalisation of secondary education scheme was revised in 2014 to address the issue of weak synergy with industry in planning and execution, lack of vertical and horizontal mobility, redundant courses and curricula as well as paucity of trained vocational educational teachers. The National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF) has been notified in Dec 2013, to provide and overall framework to set up vocational education programme. There is a greater emphasis on integrating skills in education and a renewed focus on vocational education in secondary education. It also demands of a revamp of our education system to make skill development an integral part of the curriculum at all stages.

  • Would skill based education help, students to be employable?
  • What difficulties are experienced in implementing VE in the schools
  • What are the issues regarding availability and training of vocational teachers.
  • Some States have been effectively integrating vocational education in mainstream education. How can these be adopted or adapted across other States?
  • Should VE subjects be the best of five or six subjects for class XII or class X scores?
  • What needs to be done to make VE popular amongst students?
  • School services-sector courses, be introduced in schools rather than manufacturing based courses?
  • Schools blend professional courses, which utilize the school students learning of science, maths, accounting, computers, history, geography be developed for VE, to help the students employability and knowledge base?
  • Should there be a counselling level factored in at school level which helps child identify the craft/ industry/service he/she inclined towards and skill sets they need to develop and do a skill roadmap per child at school? If yes, then at which grade level should it be done.

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