NEP Theme IV.Reforming School Examination Systems and Questions

NEP Theme IV. Reforming School Examination Systems

NEP/New Education Policy theme IV. Reforming School Examination Systems: Examination reforms that focus on problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills are critical to improving quality at the elementary and secondary levels. Such reforms will change the teaching–learning processes and improve learning outcomes. In recent years, CBSE has introduced wide-ranging examination reforms in schools affiliated to it, such as Class X Board Examination has been made optional, a system of grading in place of marks has been introduced.

NEP Theme,Reforming School Examination Systems,New Education Policy

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) has been strengthened so that the students are assessed on an ongoing basis for their holistic development. For implementing CCE several activities are expected in the classroom such as Preparation of child profile and cumulative record , Various activities for evaluating cognitive and co-cognitive levels, Use of various methods to evaluate children such as observation , questioning in class room , Utilizing information gathered for improvement in teaching learning/ remedial inputs for children built into the process.

CCE also involves sharing of children’s learning progress with parents through parent teacher meetings State Boards have also made efforts to update curriculum and impose examination systems. However, problems still beset the examination system. The existing systems need to be examined threadbare.

  • What are the experiences of government schools in implementing CCE
  • Has CCE helped student’s academic performance?
  • What is the general feedback of students, teachers and parents regarding the no detention policy and CCE?
  • Has the abolition of class X board reduced learning level of our students?
  • What other reforms can be suggested which would help better assessment of students.
  • Is our examination system only assessing note learning?
  • Can the examination system shift towards questions that assess the students application of concept, problems solving abilities and critical thinking?
  • How can assessment systems become more nuanced and reward children for thinking and innovation.
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