NEP Theme V.Revamping Teacher Education for Quality Teachers and Questions

NEP Theme V. Revamping Teacher Education for Quality Teachers

NEP/New Education Policy theme V. Revamping Teacher Education for Quality Teachers
Quality of teachers has been a major cause of worry in the country and one of the basic pre requisites to improve quality. Competence of teachers and their motivation is crucial for improving the quality.

NEP Theme,Revamping Teacher Education,Quality Teachers

Several initiatives are being taken for addressing teacher shortages, shortages of secondary school teachers in mathematics, science and languages, improving the quality of pre-service teachers and in-service teachers professional development, enhancing the status of teaching as a profession, improving teachers’ motivation and their accountability for ensuring learning outcomes, and improving the quality of teacher education institutions and also teacher educators.

Inspite of several efforts by the Central and State governments issues of large number of vacancies in both elementary and secondary levels, problems of untrained teachers, lack of professionalism in teacher training institutions, mismatch in training and actual classroom practices, teacher absenteeism and teacher accountability and involvement of teachers in non- teaching activities all need to be addressed. With the aim to recruit quality teachers, CBSE introduced the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) State Governments have introduced the TETs.

  • What are the specific steps needed to fill in the existing teacher vacancies in elementary schools?
  • Why have the existing teacher training programmes failed to bring about improvements in the quality of teaching learning?
  • What are the workable solutions to address the gamut of issues in teacher education in the school sector?
  • Are teachers performance assessments needed to build a culture of accountability amongst teachers? Should promotion of teaching faculty be in conjunction with their performance?
  • Should an automatic computerized system be made for all teaching/transfer posts so that there is rationalization?
  • What methods can be devised for making it mandatory for all teachers to undergo yearly in service training?
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