Rc.419 State Level Observers to Observe, Guide the Vidya Volunteers Training Programme

Rc.419 State Level Observers to Observe, Guide the Vidya Volunteers Training Programme

RC.419/D Drafting State Level Observers to observe and Guide the Orientation to the Vidya Volunteers from 16th to 19th October, 2015,  Proceedings Of The Director Of School Education & State Project Director, SSA,Telangana, Hyderabad, RC.No.419/D/C&T/TSCERT/2015, Dated: 14.10.2015

SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad - Orientation to the Vidya Volunteers i.e.SGTs and School Assistants from 16th to 19th October, 2015 - Drafting State Level Observers to observe the guide the training programmes - Orders issued - Reg.

Rc. No. 419/D/C&T/TSCERT/2015,   Dated: 10.10.2015


                    All the Principals of DIETs, CTEs and IASEs and DEOs, POs of SSA are hereby informed  that  vide  reference  cited,  detailed  guidelines  have  been  issued  to  all  the Principals of TEIs and DEOs, POs on the conduct of Vidya Volunteers training from 17th to 19th October, 2015 with planning meeting with RPs on 16th October, 2015. In this regard,vide reface cited orders have been issued to draft State Level Observers from the Director of SCERT.

                 In this regard, following are the persons drafted to the Districts to participate in the planning  meeting  and  observe,  guide  the  training  programmes  both  Primary  and Secondary Level in the Districts.

District Name of the supervisors
Mahabubnagar 1. Mr. Matheen Ahmed, SA, ZPHS, Jawahar Nagar, Nalgonda. (Coordinator, Hindi Textbooks)
2. P. Rathangapani Reddy, SA, ZPHS, Polkampally, Mahabubnagar. 9705806581
3. E.D. Madhusudhan Reddy, SA, ZPHS, Kosgi, Mahabubnagar.
Ranga Reddy 1. LM Prasad, TP, GHS, CPL Amberpet, Hyderabad. 9963425227
2. Y. Venkat Reddy, SA, ZPHS, Chivvemla, Nalgonda.
Hyderabad 1. K. Rajender Reddy, Coordinator (Maths), SCERT, TS, Hyderabad. 7702204826
2. K. Ramesh Rao, SA, GHS, Saptagiri Colony, Karimnagar.
Medak 1. K. Sreedharacharyulu, SA, ZPHS, Narsingi, Medak. 9951206878
2. A. Bhanuprakash, SA, ZPHS, Lonikalan, Medak, 9603204507.
Nizamabad 1. Mr. Sreenath, HM, Nizamabad. (Ex-AMO, SSA).
2. Sanjeev Kumar, SA, ZPHS, Abhangapatnam, Navipet (M), Nizamabad. 9848578004
Adilabad 1. Mr. Ashok, HM and Planning Coordinator, O/o PO, SSA. 2. K. Janardhan, SA, ZPHS, Manchiryal, Adialabad. 89780447067
Karimnagar 1. S. Vinayak, C&T Dept., SCERT, TS, Hyd. 9618676215
2. Mr. Kishan Reddy, HM, ZPHS, Velichala, Karimgnagar.
Warangal 1. B. Ashok Reddy, SA, ZPHS, Bhattuguda, Bibinagar, Nalgonda. 9133423208
2. RLN Murthy, SA, ZPHS, Thupranpet, Choutuppal (M), Nalgonda. 9866646145 kv9641@gmail.com
Khammam 1. Mr. Mallikharjuna Sarma, HM, Khammam. 
2. D. Madhusudan Reddy, SA, ZPHS, Kodad, Nalgonda. 9492180069 (HM)
Nalgonda 1. Dr. P. Jani Reddy, C&T Dept., SCERT, TS, Hyd.
2. Mr. Dasharatha Reddy, HM, ZPHS, Anajipur, Nalgonda.

                The TA, DA may be paid to the above Observers vide reference cited. Transport may be arranged through the available SSA vehicles to visit the centres and address the participants and clarify the doubts.

               The  Observers  as  above  are  requested  to  attend  the  planning  meeting  on
16th  October, 2015 in the Teacher Education Institutions and explain the time table and also session-wise content to the RPs and clarify their doubts. In case of DIETs and CTE in some of the Districts, one RP may attend DIET and the other may attend CTE. They should report on daily basis on the effectiveness of the trainings to the Director, SCERT and as well as Director of School Education on phone.

                Dr. N. Upender Reddy, Consultant shall also visit some of the Districts as above and observe the training programmes and its effectiveness.

                Therefore, all the Principals of DIETs, CTEs and IASEs and DEOs, POs of SSA are requested to make use of the services of Observers as above in guiding and supporting the participants and RPs in effective conduct of the orientation programmes. All the Observers are requested to submit their detailed observation reports (Day-wise and Centre-wise) to the Director, SCERT by post or by hand.

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