Swatchh Patashala Pledge for AP Schools

Swatchh Patashala Pledge for AP Schools, Swatchh Patashala Programme, Swatch Andhra - Swatchh Bharath
Swatchh  Patashala  Pledge

I take this pledge that I will remain committed towards cleanliness and devote time for this. 

I pledge that I will devote two hours per week to voluntary work for cleanliness. I will neither litter nor let others litter. 

I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself, my family, my locality, my village and my work place. 

I believe that the countries of the world that appear clean are so because their 
citizens don't indulge in littering nor do they allow it to-happen. 

With this firm belief, I will propagate the message of Swachh Patashala in villages and towns. I will encourage other persons to take this pledge which I am taking today. 

I am confident that every step I take towards cleanliness will help in making my school, home, community and country clean. 

 Swatchh Patashala Pledge in Telugu

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