Best Swachh Patashala Awards 2016 to TS Schools at Various Levels

Best Swachh Patashala Awards 2016 to TS Schools

Best Swachh Patashala Awards 2015 to TS Schools: SSA Telangana, SPD has given instructions to all the Education Department Officials to form A Committee at School Complex Level, Mandal Level, District Level and State Levels for Selecting the Best "Swachh Patashal" School for Awarding Best Swachh Patashala Award to that selected Telangana/TS School and a Prize Money have been given to the School and Certain Instructions have been issued for form committee at School Complex, Mandal, Distirct and State levels by SSA Telangana.

Proceedings Rc.No.2315; Dated:12-11-2015: SSA Telangana, Hyderabad | Best Swachh Patashala Awards in Telangana at various levels. Formation of committees at various levels to select the Best Swachh Patashala at School Complex, Mandal, District and State levels in Telangana State for giving the Best Swachh Patashala Award.

Prize Money Details
1. Mandal level First Prize- Rs.1500/- Second Prize- Rs.1000/-
2. District level First Prize- Rs.2,000/- Second Prize- Rs.1,500/-
3. State level First Prize- Rs.5,000/-/- Second Prize- Rs.3,000/- and  Third Prize Rs.2,000/-
Proc. Rc. No. 196/B2/SSA/Wgl/2015 Date: 14.12.2015- SSA, Warangal – Formation of committees at various levels to select best Swachh Paatashala after month long campaign of Swachh school campaign as suggested by MHRD - Orders Issued -Reg.
1. Proceedings of the State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad Proc.Rc.No.2315/SSA/T6/2015, dated. 12.11.2015.
2. Note approved by the District Collector and Chairperson, SSA, Warangal, dt: 04.12.2015.

As per the proceedings of the State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad and note approved by the District Collector and Chairperson, SSA, Warangal, the MHRD has suggested a few activities to be takenup during the month of October as a part of Swachh school campaign and also suggested to plan for field visits in different schools at mandal level to ensure the impact of Swachh month and monitored the implementation of the same, further suggested to plan for competetions on Swachh vidyalaya after the campaign.

In this regard, the MEOs are hereby instructed to form committees from mandal level to monitor the campaigning and to select the best school in this Swachh school campaigning. The selected schools shall be given awards at different levels, further as per the instructions of the Project Officer, SSA, Warangal the activities of schools has to be send to the mail of in photos and videos of best schools identified at mandal level with a documentation. In this regard, committees shall be constituted at different levels to judge the best performing schools by 15th December, 2015.

Instructions to form committees:
A. School Complex level Committee:
Concerned School complex HM and one HM of Secondary School -Selects one best school within the School complex level irrespective of medium and level of school. The selected school will be send to mandal level. Not more than five students representing from selected school shall be sent to Mandal level.
  1. The name of the identified schools along with the names of the student team shall be sent to concern MEO on the same day.
  2. The selection process shall be completed by 17th December,2015.
  3. The MEO should form complex level committee and held responsible for the activity.

B. Mandal level committee:
  1. The MEO of concerned mandal along with two senior school complex HMs are treated as mandal level committee. The MEO shall take action regarding.
  2. They shall go to each school under their purview and check for the practice of WASH programme, Swachh Paatashala activities and functioning of children cabinets.
  3. Among these best schools at school complex level, two schools shall be finalized at Mandal level. Two cash awards shall be given at mandal level.
  4. First prize of Rs 1500/- and second prize of Rs.1000/- shall be given.
  5. Rs.1000/- shall be allotted to organize the said celebrations at Mandal level to meet the transport/ conveyance charges and other miscellaneous expenditure.
  6. Prize distribution event at mandal level shall be conducted on 20th December, 2015.
  7. The report of the best school shall be sent to DPO explaining on what basis they got the best school award, the rationale for awarding best school.
  8. At mandal level, the selected teams shall demonstrate their activities before the children and teachers, invited from the nearby schools to mandal Head quarters.
  9. First prize winners at mandal level, comprising group of five students accompanied by one teacher have to be sent to the competitions at District level with necessary documentation.
  10. The name of the school nominated along with names of student team shall be communicated to DPO.
  11. The activities of best school identified at mandal level on "Swachh school campaign" shall be uploaded in the website of MHRD (
C. District level committee:
  1. This shall include DEO, Principal of DIET; Dy. EO and AMO.
  2. Among these mandal level best schools two best schools can be selected at district level best schools by the district level committee.
  3. 2 cash prizes shall be given to District level best schools, Rs.2000/- and 1500/- shall be given as first and second prizes.
  4. From each mandal 5-students and one teacher will represent the event at the District level.
  5. At district level, the selected teams from mandal (first prize winners) shall demonstrate their activities before the District level Committee who will act as judges.
  6. Prize distribution event at district level shall be conducted on 23rd December, 2015.
  7. Officials from SPO, SSA will attend district level event.
  8. Best Schools shall be asked to bring their school photos in a poster form, when they come to district level event.
  9. The activities of best schools identified at district level on "Swachh school campaign" shall be uploaded in the website of MHRD (

The DPOs shall send the name of the first prize winner school, documentation to SPO, SSA to select state level best school.  TA, CA and lunch will be provided for participants by the DPO, SSA, Warangal at district level programme.
Further, the MEOs in the mandal should take utmost care in forming committees at school complex and mandal level and to complete the given Swachh school campaign schedule at complex and mandal level as per time frame and encourage the mandal level prize winners to attend at district/ state level. The unit cost for conducting mandal level programme @ Rs.3500/- per each mandal will be released to the MEO/MRC account.
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