CCRT Training Programmes/Workshops for In-Service Teachers and Schedule 2016

CCRT Training Programmes/Workshops for In-Service Teachers and Schedule

Orientation Course to Teachers: CCRT Training Programmes/Workshops/Orientation Course for In-Service Teachers, Programme Schedule, Duration of the Orientation Courses,Venue, Guidelines for Deputation of Teachers, CCRTs Norms.Letter of Deputy Director, Centre for Cultural Resources and Training: As you are aware the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), New Delhi, an educational institution under the administrative control of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, organizes a variety of training programmes for all levels of personnel engaged in the service of education. The CCRT trains 5000 to 6000 in-service teachers every year in the field of Linking Education with Culture. At present the CCRT is organizing a Refresher Course  during April to July -2016

SCERT, Telangana, RC.No.77,Dated: 21/04/2016
Orientation Courses offered by the CCRT during April to July -2016 - CCRT requested to depute 10 teachers in the state
1. Lr.No.CCRT/13011/1/2016/2571,dt.7.3.2016 and 21.3.2016 of the Dy. Director, CCRT, New Delhi.
2.Lr.No.CCRT/13011/1/2016/3393,dt.6.4.2016 of the Dy. Director, CCRT, New Delhi.

While communicating a copies of the references read above to all the District Educational Officers in the state and informed that vide reference 1st cited that they are requested to take immediate necessary action in the matter. Further they are informed that vide reference 2nd cited that the Dy. Director, CCRT, New Delhi has informed that no communication till date with regard to the deputation of teachers is received and requested to once again to depute teachers from middle/secondary/senior secondary Govt/Govt. aided schools to the Orientation Courses to be organized by CCRT as per scheduled.

In this regard all the District Educational Officer in the state are requested to depute one Teacher of their jurisdiction from their district to the Orientation Courses offered by the CCRT during April to July -2016 CCRT as per the scheduled communicated by CCRT under intimation to this office.

For participation in the course, please bring and be prepared for the following:
1. Pay Certificate from the School/Institution
2. Relieving Certificate from the School/Institution
3. Entitled Class onward and outward shortest route journey tickets
4. A prepared Lesson Plan (with cultural component) on any of the topic of the subject being taught by you.

may I request you once again to expedite the action for getting 10 (Ten) teachers deputed for tile above mentioned Orientation Courses. As you are aware the CCRT organizes teachers training programmes throughout the year and sometimes in the absence of timely information of exact number of teachers, it becomes inconvenient to make proper boarding and lodging arrangements at the venue of the programme. It is therefore requested that a list of deputed teachers may please be sent to the Centre at the earliest possible through Fax No. 011-25088637/e-mail:
You are also requested to issue orders to deputed teachers to report directly at the concerned venue at 10.00 AM on the first day of the Orientation Courses mentioned above.

For deputation of teachers, the following are the strict guidelines: 
1. Teachers should be upto 52 years of age at the time of registration (Birth Certificate should be produced).
2. Teachers of middle/secondary/senior secondary schools should only be deputed.
3. Teachers must be teaching in minimum any one of the following Classes 8th/9th/10th/11th/12th.
4. She/he should be teaching any of the subjects like i) Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Civics, Sociology etc.); ii) Languages (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Modern Indian Languages); iii) Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.); iv) Mathematics; v) Fine Arts, Music & Art;
5. Deputation of female teachers may be encouraged.
6. The deputed teachers should have minimum two years' experience of teaching.
7. Only one teacher from one school should be deputed. In any circumstances, not more than one teacher from the same school will be allowed to participate.

Important: Kindly Note that following teachers must not be deputed:
Kindly Note that Headmasters/Principals/Inspector of Schools and following teachers must not be deputed/Must not be denoted.
1. Primary school teachers should not be deputed.
2. Teachers on contract/ad-hoc/temporary, must not be deputed. Only the regular teachers should be deputed.
3. Teachers who have already attended CCRT's Orientation Course, either at Delhi or anywhere else, must not be deputed again. All such already O.C. trained teachers will be sent back immediately without registration and payment ofT.A./D.A.
4. Teachers teaching Yoga, SUPW, Physical Education and Librarians should not be deputed.
6. Specially challenged teachers (Visually Challenged) should also not be deputed.
7, Headmasters/Principals/Inspector of Schools must not be deputed.
8.  Librarian, Lab Assistant and Specially challenged teachers (without eye-sight) should not be deputed.
9. Separate stay arrangements are made for the female teachers in the CCRT Hostel. Your kind attention is solicited
10. It has been decided that while getting teachers deputed from your State, if the norms and conditions mentioned above are not adhered to, the deputed teachers will neither be registered nor paid TA/DA for reporting and they will be sent back immediately. This is being done to avoid any censures from the Auditors.
The deputation orders issued by you, adhering to CCRT's norms, will be treated as the final orders and no further orders for the deputed teachers hereafter will be issued by this Centre. I take this opportunity to thank you for the keen interest you are taking in the activities of the Centre and look forward to your support for getting the teachers deputed as per CCRT norms.
CCRT Training Programmes/Workshops for In-Service Teachers and Schedule
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