Instructions on Child Info Updation-Aadhaar Enrolment and Validation

Guidelines on Child Info Updation and Aadhaar Enrolment and Validation

Instructions on Child Info Updation and Aadhaar Enrolment and Validation: Proceedings of the State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Director of School Education, Telangana State, Hyderabad, Proc.Rc.N 04433 /SSA/Plg/MIS[f7 /2015 Date:26.11.2015, Subject: SSA, Telangana State-Planning wing -Child info updation and Aadhaar enrolment and validation -Issue of instructions to the DEOs, POs and Director of Government Examinations -Issued- Reg.

SSA and DSE Telangana,Rc.N o.4433/SSA/MIS7/2015,Dated:27-06-2016
Subject: TSSA, Hyderabad- Planning & MIS- Updation of Child Info along with Aadhaar number in Child Info website during 2016-17 - Recording of Aadhaar number in Admission Register in respect of newly admitted students for the academic year 2016-17 and providing space for Aadhaar number in Transfer Certificate - Certain guidelines issued - Reg.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that new admissions for the academic year 2016-17 are going on in all schools under all managements. In this connection, the following guidelines are issued for recording Aadhaar number of students in admission register and transfer certificates by the Headmasters of schools.

1. Aadhaar number of the student shall be recorded in the admission register immediately and update the child info along with Aadhaar number in child info website.
2. However admission should not be denied for want of Aadhaar number and the parents shall be advised suitably to enroll Aadhar at designated centers and furnish the same within a month.
3. Space for recording Aadhaar number shall be provided in the transfer certificate bottom of Front Page with Red Ink and the headmasters shall record Aadhaar number in the space provided for the purpose.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers are directed to issue above instructions to all the Headmasters of schools under all managements and see that target of 100% child info updation along with Aadhaar number is achieved at an early date.

LATEST Update on Child Info and Aadhar Enrollmen & Validaion:(22/06/2016)::
Respected Project Officers/District Education Officers,  Kindly furnish the details of Students who don’t have/available Aadhaar Number/Validation, duly downloading the details from the childinfo website and furnish the reasons column.

This is most urgent please send it to all the HMs and collect the information. Kindly down load the attachment format.
New entries in 1st class data entry activated, please avail.
Name of District:                                                                                                                   Name of the Mandal:
School ID School Class Child ID Surname Child Name Father Name Aadhaar ID Aadhaar status Reasons
0 Not available
1. Instructions of the C&DSE and SPD TSSA, Hyderabad in Video Conference held on dt:20-11-2015.
2. Proc. of the SPD TSSA, Hyderabad Proc. No: 1335/SSA/Plg/T7 /2015 DtOS-09-2015.
3. Lr.From UIDAI/Hyd/ AP New Enrolments/Vol.III/1310.

All the Project Officers and District Education Officers of Telangana State are requested to issue necessary instructions to Head Masters of all Government / Aided/Local Bodies schools and Managements of all Private Schools to cooperate and coordinate with the Aadhaar Enrolment Agencies deployed by UIDAI Regional Office and see that all students should be enrolled by 15th December 2015.

Further, they are informed that it has come to the notice of the undersigned that some of the Head Masters are not complying with the instructors already issued in this regard. Therefore the POs, and DEOs are once again requested to issue instructions to the field functionaries as it is an important activity and Aadhaar Enrolment is mandatory.

The District Educational Officers are informed that Nominal Rolls of SSC appearing candidates will not be accepted by the Director of Government Examinations unless a Certificate is enclosed stating that all candidates have been issued Aadhaar Number. Therefore, they are requested to issue instructions to the Head Masters of all High Schools both government and private.

The Director of Government Examination Telangana State is requested to accept the SSC Nominal Rolls only after Aadhaar Enrolment Completion Certificate is submitted by the concerned Head Masters. This should be treated as Most important. This has got the approval of the State Project Director.
Instructions on Child Info Updation and Aadhaar Enrolment and Validation

TS SSA SPD, Proc.Rc.No.2803, Date: 01.03.2016: SSA, Telangana, Hyd - Visits of Sectoral Officers of State Project Office to districts - Review on updation of Childinfo. and Aadhaar enrolment apart from other interventions. Reference: 1. This office Proc.Rc.No. Even, dt: 10.11.2015; 2. This office Proc.Rc.No. Even, dt: 05.12.2015

In continuation to the Proceedings cited above, all the Sectoral Officers of State Project Office are informed that the updation of Childinfo. and enrolment of Aadhaar is in progress in all districts and will be continued till 31.03.2016.

Therefore, they are requested to review the status of updation of childinfo. 1 and enrolment of Aadhaar with district and mandal level officials whenever they visit the districts apart from the review of other interventions. The allotment of Officers to districts is as shown below:
Name of the Officer and District allotted
1. Sri. M.Chandra Shekar, MIS & Planning- Hyderabad
2. Smt. R.Prasanna, KGBV & OSC-Warangal
3. Sri. G. Ravi Kumar, RTE-Adilabad
4. Sri. MA. Ghani, CMO-Karimnagar
5. Smt. Padmavati, SAMO(I/c)- Nizamabad
6. Dr. H.Shirisha, Research &Evaluation- Nalgonda
7. Dr. T.Subhashini, Inclusive Education- Ranga Reddy
8. Sri. V. Balayya, Child Info- Khammam
9. Smt. Sulochana, Asst. Secretary, KGBV-Mahabubnagar
10. Sri. B. Vijaya Rao, ICT-Medak

All the Project Officers of SSA are requested to provide logistics to the Sectoral Officers of SPO whenever they visit districts for the above purpose. Their TA, DA shall be paid from State Project Office.

TS SSA,Rc.No. 4433/TSSA/MIS/T7/2015.Dated: 3-03-2016
TSSA, Hyderabad - Planning and MIS - Child Info updation and Aadhar enrolment and validation. Reference: 1. This office Proc.Rc.No. Even Dt: 26.11.2015; 2. This office Proc.Rc.No. Even Dt: 06.01.2016; 3. This office Proc.Rc.No.2803/SSA/T7/2014, Dt: 01.03.2016

In continuation to the ref. 2nd cited, all the Project Officers of TSSA and, District Educational Officers in the state are aware that the updation of Child Info and enrolment of Aadhar is in progress in .all the Districts and Sri. V. Balayya, Child info. incharge and Sri. K. Jayakar, Childinfo. Consultant of this office are continuously monitoring the progress of updation of childinfo and Aadhaar enrolment in all districts.

The Project Officers of TSSA were already informed vide ref. 3rd cited that the updation of childinfo. and enrolment of Aadhaar will be continued till 31st March 2016. In view of this, the above two officers will continuously monitor the progress in the districts allotted to them till 31st March 2016.

Therefore, they are requested to make logistic arrangements ·like travel' and accommodation to the above officers for smooth monitoring of the programme. The TA I DA of the above officers will be paid from State Project Office.
School wise Adhaar childinfo data entry,Seeding process,Declaration form
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  2. Sir.
    I got 1215 rank in Urdu medium from bc-b caste but I didn't get seat in 1st cnslng..
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