TS Early Literacy Programme Action Plan Implementation Guidelines

Early Literacy Programme Action Plan Implementation Guidelines

Early Literacy Programme PB BB Action Plan Implementation Guidelines: TSSA Rc. No: 3317 /SSA/T6/2015,Date:09-12-2015, Subject: SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad - Pedagogy wing --Instructions to all DEOs, DPOs and Principals of DIETs to implement action plan on ELP (PB-BB) for the months of December 2015-March 2016 - Reg.

The attention of District Education Officers, Project Officers of SSA and Principals of DIETs in the state is invited to the subject cited above and informed that an action plan from December, 2015 to March 2016 has been proposed to implement Early Literacy Programme in all the primary schools U P Schools with a focus on Classes I & II with the intention of taking the Padhe Bharath-Bade Bharath programme further. The action plan is herewith appended with this order. To encourage good participation in the programme, certain cash incentives shall be provided to the best implementing primary schools identified in each Mandal which enables the schools to equip with class libraries, children literature, print rich material to improve the children reading ability for class I and II. A committee shall be constituted to select two best primary schools in each mandal involving concern MEO and School complex HMs and the process should be completed by the end of January, 2016.

In this regard, the 2 best schools per mandal (with the criteria that these 2 schools should have maximum number of class I and II children among all schools of that mandal) shall be selected and developed with ELP components i.e.
1. Physical condition of class room, by white washing and painting cartoons on the walls
2. Arranging reading corner with small book almirahs and carpets
3. Print rich environment in the class room. Schools will be provided with photographs and related material on how to develop the classrooms (taking help of Room to Read material, by surfing their website www.roomtoread.org). The Head Masters of Primary & Upper Piimary schools and Teachers of Class I & II shall undertake the said activity in consultation with DIET faculty, MEOs, School Complex H.Ms, SRGs, DRGs, AMO & AAA/10s. The cash incentive to be provided for the best two schools in the mandal is Rs 3000/- per school.

The DEOs, POs of SSA and Principals of DIETs are requested to adopt necessary strategies to encourage reading habits among children and further the DPOs are requested to send the list of identified Best schools to SPO (pedagogy wing) before 31 December 2015.

The District Educational Officers and the Project Officers of SSA are requested to give necessary instructions to the MEOs, school complex HMs and school HMs to implement the programme effectively in all primary schools and upper primary schools with a focus on Class I & Class II. Further they are requested to communicate the action plan to all Primary and U P Schools in their respective districts. This has got the approval of the State Project Director.

ELP/Early Literacy Programme 2016 Action Plan under Padhe Bharath- Bade bharath


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