Guidelines for Formulation of Annual Plan 2016-2017 by TSSA

Guidelines for formulation of annual plan 2016-2017/Preparation of AWP&B,School Development Plan, Habitation Plan, Mandal Plan: Telangana SSA SPD, Rc.No.4868, Dt:l 7-12-2015, SSA, Hyderabad - Preparation of AWP&B for the year 2016-17, Communication of guidelines for formulation of Annual Plan for the year 2016-17. All the Project Officers of Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan are aware that the process of preparation of AWP&B 2016-17 commenced from 8th December 2015 as per the planning schedule already communicated vide reference cited. Therefore, the detailed guidelines for formulation of Annual Plan for the year 2016-17 are hereby communicated along with the formats of School Development Plan, Habitation Plan, Mandal Plan and related data tables etc. Therefore, they are requested to follow the planning schedule and adhere to the guidelines without any deviation.

Guidelines for formulation of annual plan 2016-17

  1. Wide publicity shall be given in the districts in connection with Micro Planning, conduct of Grama sabhas and participation of Public Representatives in the planning process.
  2. A district level convergence meeting shall be convened with all district level officers of line departments under the Chairmanship of the District Collector for preparation of convergence plan.
  3. Habitation Education Plan booklets shall be printed @ 1 for each habitation and School Development Plan formats @ 1 for each school with 10% extra for use at the training programmes.
  4. The HMs of the schools concerned should keep Xerox copies of the filled in Habitation Education Plan booklet, School Development Plan booklet with them for reference sake and future use.
  5. Print Habitation Plan booklets and School Development Plan formats & other instructional material duly meeting the budget from Management / Community mobilization head duly following the norms specified for Data Capture Format.
  6. Incur the expenditure for conduct of orientation to Habitation Planning Team members at the school complex level from community training budget.
  7. Involve DIET faculty at district level orientation programme.
  8. Constitute District level monitoring teams with DIET faculty and Sectoral Officers in the district and allot 2 to 3 mandals to each member to observe Mandal level orientation and Grama Sabhas at habitations. Members of the mandal planning teams should also visit the Grama Sabhas. The budget towards payment of TA, DA to observers may be met from the budget head of Management Cost of concerned DPOs for the year 2015-16.
  9. Conduct district level I Divisional level trainings to mandal teams in 2 spells simultaneously in parallel batches based on number of mandals. Each batch should not exceed 50 participants. Distribute Habitation
  10. School Development Plan booklets and mandal plan formats during the training programme.
  11. Conduct orientation to Habitation Planning Core Teams at mandal level.
  12. Mandal level training to Habitation Planning Core Teams may be organized simultaneously in two batches so as to complete as per schedule and plan these well in advance so that the trainings could be completed within 2 days.
  13. The presence of observers is mandatory during the mandal level orientation to habitation core teams.
  14. Conduct of Grama Sabhas and preparation of Habitation Plans from 4th to 5th January 2016 by giving wide publicity and involve public representatives, read out the RTE Act in the Grama Sabhas to make them aware of the Act. The expenditure towards conduct of Gram Sabha may be met from Community Training head.
  15. All MEOs may be instructed to utilize the services of CRPs as observers at Gram Sabhas and monitor the preparation of habitation plan.
  16. MEOs may be instructed to prepare and submit the habitation and mandal plans as per schedule. Utilizing the services of CRPs I MIS personnel.
  17. The District Collector may be requested to address Sarpanches through MPDOs concerned for organizing Gram Sabhas. Similarly the MPDOs I MEOs may be instructed to conduct mandal level meetings with Mandal Planning Teams under the Chairmanship of MPP I Special officer for approval of mandal plans.
  18. The POs are requested to take the services of DLMTs as and when required.
  19. All the District Sectoral Officers are instructed to monitor the overall plan 'programme especially their interventions.
  20. The Project Officers may organize convergence meeting with all departments at the district level for preparation of district level plans under the Chairmanship of the District Collector guidelines POs Plan.
  21. The District Collector may be requested to organize a meeting with monitoring committee for approval of district plans under the Chairmanship of the District In-charge Minister.
  22. Submit and get appraisal of district plans at the State Project Office as per the schedule.
  23. POs should make a presentation of their district plans before state level appraisal team as per the schedule.
  24. Preparation of the District Plan is not a one man activity and the responsibility should be taken up by the District Project Office as a whole.
  25. Documentation on the overall planning process shall be submitted to
  26. SPO in a booklet form during the appraisal of District plans.
  27. The following financial norms should be followed for conduct of District and Mandal level orientation to Planning Core Teams.

1. District level orientation to Mandal Planning Core teams.
Item and Unit Cost
1. TA/DAto the participants As per APTA Rules
2. Tea and snacks Rs 20/- per head
3. Stationery Rs 20/- per head per programme ( including note book)
4. Working Lunch Rs 60/- per head
5. Contingencies Rs 500/-

2. Orientation to habitation Planning Core teams at Mandal level.
Item and Unit Cost
1 Tea & Snaks Rs 20/- per head
2 Working Lunch Rs 50/- per head
3 Contingencies Rs 500/- for entire programme

An amount of Rs. 1000/- may be released to each Mandal Educational Officer to meet the expenditure towards preparation, Spiral and Xerox charges of Mandal Plan.
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