OneCoin Mining and Coins Profit Calculator/Software Download

OneCoin Mining and Coins Profit Calculator Download

OneCoin Mining and Coins Profit Calculator/Software Download: OneCoin is a new type of cryptocurrency(a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank). This currency is born out of the success of it’s peers, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Due to superior technology, innovative approach and usability, OneCoin has the ability to become the next successful cryptocurrency on the market.

OneCoin Mining and Coins Profit Calculation Software

Like all cryptocurrency to come into existence OneCoin has to be MINED. Mining means the creation of new coins by the users. There are only 2.1 bn OneCoins that can be found. Once all of them are found, no new coins can be created. ALL OneCoins will be mined by its users - OneCoin is not a premined currency!.

Coins are mined, by users joining a mining pool, where with joint resources a complex algorithm/puzzle is being solved. Once a solution is found, the mining pool is awarded a reward – in OneCoins. The more OneCoins are mined and the more users join the mining, the more difficult, time and resource consuming mining becomes.

OneCoin uses a block chain model to verify the amount of coins that have been mined and issued into the market space. A block is a sophisticated algorithm of hashed numbered that represent each mined coin.
OneCoin Mining and Coins Profit Calculator/Software Download
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