Guidelines on Survey and Updation of Out of School Children data in TS 2016-2017

Guidelines on Survey and Updation of Out of School Children data in TS 2016-2017

Guidelines on Survey and updation of Out of School Children data in the State for the year 2016-17: It is proposed to conduct out of school children survey and also update the out of school children data available with SSA for developing a strong monitoring mechanism in the state for the enrolment of out of school children identified and also to have a sound tracking mechanism for the children of migratory families at source point as well as destination point. The objective is not achieved only with the enrolment of out of school children into regular Education stream unless continuous tracking of their retention in schools is done.

It is decided to conduct Survey and updation of Out of School Children data in the State for the year 2016-17 so as to have a need based child wise enrolment plan for the Education of out of school children for forthcoming AWP & B 2016-17.

Guidelines on Survey and Updation of Out of School Children data in TS 2016-2017: All MEOs, Headmasters, DLMTS, IERTS and MIS Coordinators are instructed to conduct OSC survey Habitation wise with the help of CRP's and IERTs from 10th to 13th with the supervision of Headmasters and submit the data on 13th by 3:00 PM without fail. This data will be sample checked by state team and District Project Officer, Warangal on 14th morning in the office of TSSA, Warangal.

Rc.No.2803/TSSA/Plg/T7/2015, Dated:9-12-2015

Subject: TSSA, Hyderabad - Planning & Monitoring - Survey on out of school children from 14th to 19th December 2015 - Reg. Reference: 1. Video Conference held with Project Officers and Sectoral Officers of all districts on 09.12.2015; 2. This officeProc.Rc.No.2803/TSSA/Plg/T7/2014, Dt:4.ll.15

All the Project Officers of TSSA are informed that a comprehensive survey on out of school children will be conducted in all districts except Hyderabad duly involving the Cluster Resource Persons, IERTs, DLMTs and all other field functionaries from 14th to 19th December 2015 as the accurate data of OSC is required for preparation of AWP&B 2016-17. The following sectoral officers of State Project Office are drafted to districts to monitor and guide the district I mandal level functionaries in this regard. They will also attend a meeting on 14.12.15 at district headquarters and will monitor the entire programme from 14th to 19th December 2015 till the finalization of data.

S.No Name of the district Allotted officer
1. Adilabad Sri M.Chandra Shekar,  Planning Coordinator
2. Karimnagar Smt.  Venkata  Padmavathi,   SAMO
3. Khammam Sri Ravi Kumar,  RTE Coordinator
4. Mahabubnagar Smt. Jayamma,  Supdt.,  OSC Wing
Smt. Sridevi,  Consultant,  Pedagogy
Sri K.Javakar,  Child Info Consultant
5. Medak Sri B.Viiav Rao,  ICT Consultant
6. Nalaonda Smt. R.Prasanna,   OSC I KGBV Coordinator
7. Nizamabad Smt. Afshan Azam, Asst. OSC Coordinator
8. Ranga Reddy Smt.  Shirisha,  REMS Coordinator
Smt. T.Subhashini,  IE Coordinator
9. Warangal Sri V.Balaiah,  Child Info Incharge

The following guidelines are issued in this regard.

  1. The survey will be conducted by CRPs, IERPs, DLMTs and concerned school Headmasters.
  2. The format for survey is enclosed herewith.
  3. All the Mandal Educational Officers are responsible for the survey and collection of correct data by field functionaries.
  4. All the district level sectoral officers shall be made responsible for the mandals already allotted to them. They shall be provided separate vehicles for this purpose from 14th to 19th December 2015.
  5. The data available at State Project Office on the earlier surveys conducted ori OSC by various agencies I departments will be shared with districts on 12th December 2015 for cross verification and validation.
  6. All logistic arrangements like travel and accommodation should be made to the state level sectoral officers visiting the districts during this period.
  7. NGOs and officers of other departments attending meeting at district headquarters on 14.12.15 shall be paid TA and DA from district budget.

The Schedule for the Survey and updation of Out of School Children data in the State for the year 2016-17:
Schedule for out of school children survey
1. 09.12.2015: Video Conference from L30 P.M to 3.00 P.M.
2. 10.12.2015 to 13.12.2015: Survey with CRPs, DLMTs, PTis and preparation of lists school to wise, Grampanchayat wise, Mandal wise and CwSN wise
3. 12.12.2015: Sharing of available OSC data from State office to DPO's
4. 14.12.2015:
-  Meeting with NGOs working on OSC, MEOs and TMSS in Dist. Headquarters
- Verification of previous survey reports
- Analysis and comparison with both data base and finalization of OSC data
5. 15.12.2015 to 19.12.2015:
Validation and sample check by District and State Sectoral to Officers, verification of CwSN data in OSC by IERPSs

6. 19.12.2015: Final meeting of data at District level Appraisal on OSC data with District Collector

All Sectoral Officers of State and District level, M EOs, IERPs, PTIs, DLMTs, all CRPs, MIS coordinators shall involve in Survey and updation of Out of School Children data in the State for the year 2016-17.

1. The Headmaster of the school should certify that the list of OSC in his/her catchment area.
2. Finalized OSC list should be-, declared and authenticated by Gramasabhas during habitation plan.
3. Vehicles shall be provided to all coordinators at State level and District level from 14.12.2015 to 19.12~2015. The expenditure of vehicles shall be met from the savings of OSC budget 2015-16.
4. Non following of schedule shall not be entertained under any circumstances.
5. If any lapses are found in discharging the responsibilities of any officer from state level to field level upto CRPs level shall be viewed seriously.
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