Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment New Guidelines and Schedule in AP

Rc.25 Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment New Guidelines and Schedule in AP

CSE AP Rc.No.25/Estt-11112015 Dated 17-12-2015, School Education - Rationalization/ Transfers, 2015 - Headmasters and Teachers - Certain information called: Rc 25 Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment and Rationalization New Guidelines and Schedule/Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment-Rationalization Revised Instructions. Schedule for Work Adjustment  of Surplus Teachers, Revised Guidelines for Surplus Teachers Identification and Work Adjustment, High Schools, Upper Primary Schools, Primary Schools Surplus Teachers/ HS,UPS, PS Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment, Rationalisation Schedule, Online Application Form Details, Guidelines / Instructions has been released for Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment Details are given below...

1. G.0.Ms.No.63 Edn., (Ser.II) Department, Dated:31.08.2015.
2. G.O.Ms.No.66 Edn., (Ser.II) Department, Dated:02.09.2015.
3. CSE Procs. Rc.No.25/Estt-11112015, Dated:03.09.2015, 09.09.2015 and 10.09.2015
4. Video conference held on 11.09.2015 and 12.09.2015.
5. CSE Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015, Dated: 12.09.2015, 16.09.2015, 22.09.2015 and 26-10-2015
6. CSE Pro.RC No. 25/Estt-111/2015 dated: 02-12-2015

Work Adjustment Basis Temporarily:
The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the reference 5th read above wherein instructions were issued with regard to action to be taken after completion of Online Web transfer counseling for adjustment of surplus teachers to the needy schools on work adjustment basis temporarily till the end of the academic year as follows:

i) Craft teachers /Vocational instructors and Physical Educational Teachers who have participated in the online web counseling and whose transfer orders are issued should be relieved to join in the new places, even if substitutes are not available. Similarly where one subject teacher is available to cover the subject concerned in a school the second teacher is to be relieved.
ii) Due to technical reasons some of the female teachers I Headmasters could not be accommodated in Girls High Schools. Further, Language teachers Urdu/Telugu could not be transferred against the language post concerned. Such teachers who have applied in the grievances link & whose grievance could not be settled for want of vacancies etc. may also participate in the web options during the allocation of surplus teachers on work adjustment basis.
iii) Assessment of surplus teachers on the basis of working strength is to be arrived at not on G.O.55 and 61, but on the basis of new norms proposed.
iv) Assessment of needy schools and category wise teachers duly taking requirement of posts I teachers in Upper Primary and High Schools duly arriving at need.

Despite clear instructions issued and schedule given, the District Education Officers have not taken any action on work adjustment of teachers to the needy schools and have not followed the schedule given. The Regional Joint Directors of School Education have also not monitored the District Education Officers concerned in this regard.

When called for the reasons for delay in uploading the data the District Education Officers gave unconvincing reasons.

It is once again reiterated that in the schools where the teachers who have not participated in the transfer counseling but are surplus and all the surplus teachers (working) irrespective of the fact whether they participated in the counseling or not are to be adjusted to the needy schools on work adjustment basis.

New Norms:
Therefore, all District Educational Officers will include those who participated in web counseling as well as those who are surplus as per the proposed new norms.
(i) Shall identify the surplus teachers category wise, school wise surplus teachers.
(ii) Shall upload both the category of surplus teachers those who are surplus as per the proposed new norms as per their seniority in the cadre.
(iii) Shall asses the need in all schools, category wise, school wise upload the same.
(iv) The identified Surplus teachers shall have to exercise online web option for posting to needy schools on work adjustment basis.
(v) Surplus teachers allocation will be done as per their seniority in the cadre/

Schedule of activity:
In view of the above, the following is the revised schedule of the activity to be followed.
a. Uploading the needy places I schools category wise, uploaded surplus teachers in the formats provided on the web on or before 21.12.2015.
b. Display of seniority list and need based places in web on 23-12-2015.
c. Exercising web options by surplus teacher from 26-12-2015 to 28-12-2015.
d. Web based allotment orders to surplus teachers to needy places on 30-12-2015.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers are instructed to adhere to the instructions I schedule scrupulously. They shall not give any scope for any kind of delay in the process. Regional Joint Directors of School Education shall monitor the above process with District Educational Officers under their jurisdiction and report compliance.
Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment New Guidelines and Schedule in AP
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