TREIS SPACE Programme 2016 Action Plan for TSR Schools, KGBVs

TREIS SPACE Programme 2016 Action Plan for TSR Schools, KGBVs

SPACE programme in TREIS, TSR Schools, KGBVs, Implementation of Special Package for Acquiring Competence in English/SPACE 2015, Instructions to the Principals and Teachers: The SPACE programme that has been in implementation since 2013-14 in TSR Schools and KGBVs/TSREIS schools and programme was first launched in the year 2013, most teachers were not fully aware of its significance in the backdrop of the curriculum reformation initiatives of the State and the consequent change in the examination pattern for SSC 2015. This was probably one of the reasons why they had sidelined the classroom process suggested in the handbook and continued their traditional methods of teaching English.  However, in the year 2015, the academic scenario became very clear; the board of exams changed the examination pattern by introducing the CCE model, thus legitimatising formative assessment. Moreover, for the first time in the history of ELT in the State an examination system came into being which assessed the ability of the learner to produce language based on clearly defined indicators. The revamping of the examination system has drastically eliminated the scope for rote memorization of the content of the textbook. The first terminal examination in the CCE Model was conducted in the State in the month of April 2015. As has been shown in the retrospective account of SPACE the programme ended with the showcasing of the learning achievement of the learners.

Objectives of SPACE 2015: The main objective of SPACE 2015 is to transform all TSRS schools as centres of academic excellence. As a perquisite to this, SPACE 2015 aims at sustaining and institutionalizing the academic initiatives of the preceding years. These include,
1. Strengthening the classroom process
2. Producing supplementary materials for the use of teachers
3. Video-documenting the classroom transaction and the performance of the learners in TSREIS schools and KGBV schools under TSREIS across the State
4. Conducting school level, district level and State level English Fests with the exhibition of English magazines produced by the learners from classes 5 to 10 and stage performance of the learners
5. Conducting school level and district level creative workshops to produce children’s literature written by the learners
6. Editing, printing and publishing the creative work done by the learners of TSREIS and KGBV schools
7. Releasing periodical newsletters
8. Conducting classroom theatre activities
9. School specific initiatives
10. Forming and activating the School Resource Group (SRG)
11. Systemic changes (trying out a few transformations – e.g. re- allocating periods to subjects)
12. Developing Pedagogical gardens
13. Training students to engage their peers
14. Action research for individual teachers and schools on varied topics of pedagogical importance

The SPACE programme that is being implemented in TSR Schools. As we are at the end of second session of the academic year, we have to take stock the progress our students have achieved so far in the learning of English. For this we need the following information from all the classes. English teachers of classes 5 to 10 are directed to collect information as shown in Table 1 attached herein. Please note that the table contains only some of the major discourses. Similar Tables may be prepared for the remaining discourses like Biographical sketch, Letter, Essay, Poem / Song, Review, Poster, Notice, Speech script, Compeering script, Invitation, etc. as well. This is essential for quality tracking of the achievement of the individual learners. The discourses targeted at each level only are to be taken up. Please find out what these are from the academic standards given in the HB.

It is quite likely that the students may be at various levels in terms of the completion of the targeted discourses. Teachers have to identify the gaps that may have occurred in the classroom transaction and work out appropriate classroom process to address each of them. The data collected regarding to the completion of discourses may be consolidated using Table 2 and kept ready for inspection by the concerned authorities. A copy of the consolidated Table may be mailed to the head Office and also to Further, all the English Teachers are hereby informed to implement the action plan as per the schedule given below to ensure learning excellence in English.

SPACE 2015-16: Action Plan towards achieving learning excellence in English
1. 23.12.2015: Input for critical Review of the poem “Will the dreamer wake’ and the narrative, ‘The tale of three villages.’ Giving Feedback on the individual presentation and assigning group work.
2. 24.12.2015: Editing group work
AN: Completion of any 2 pending discourses individually and refining it through collaboration in groups Assigning Passage 3 (Unit I) for reading
3. 25.12.2015: Completion of the writing of any 2 discourses Individual work   + Group work and refining through Editing - (Pending work)
Reading passage I, 2 and 3 of Unit II
Performing the drama in groups and giving feedback on the presentations.
4. 26.12.2015: Completing two more discourses
Reading passage 1 of  unit – III
5. 27.12.2015: completing two more discourses
Reading Passage 2 of Unit III.
6. 28.12.2015: Reading passage 3 of Unit III
Analytical Questions on Units on units 1, 2, & 3
7. 29.12.2015: Input on Critical Review of ‘Journey’
AN: Speech on ‘Disability is not an obstacle to Success
8. 30.12.2015: Completion of critical review of “another woman”
Eluting the review of the poem “another woman”
9. 31.12.2015: Completion of critical review of ‘Storeyed house.’
10. 01.01.2016: Completion of two more discourses
Reading passage 1 of Unit IV.
11. 02.01.2016: Completion of any two discourses
Reading passage 2 of Unit IV
12. 03.01.2016: Editing a distorted passage from the TB.
Each student has to prepare one passage for editing by distorting and passage in the TB.
13. 4.01.2016: Presentation of the critical review of ‘Storeyed House’
AN: Speech on the social issues dealt with in “Another woman” by each student.
14. 05.01.2015: Input on the Critical review of ‘Never- Never Nest
15. 06.01.2015: Presentation of the critical review on ‘Never Never Nest’ Feedback on the presentation
AN : Speech on the social issue addressed in “Or will the Dreamer wake”
16. 07.01.2015: Input on the critical review of the poem ‘Abandoned’
AN: Individual presentation of the review on ‘A tale of three villages.’
17. 08.01.2016: Presentation on ‘Abandoned’ Group work and Editing
AN: Speech on the environmental issue presented in ‘A Table of three villages’
Input on critical review of ‘ A plea for India’.
18. 09.01.2016: Editing of any written work of the Group (new) (A/N)-  Editing of the review of ‘A plea for India’.

Home assignment during Pongal Holidays
Day I: 10.01.2016:
1. Write your reflections on any movie you have watched.
2. Reading Passage 1 to 2 of unit IV
3. Preparation of one passage for Editing.
Day – II 11.01.2016:
1. Write a Drama Script boned on the story, ‘Storeyed House’
2. Reading passage 3 of Unit IV
3. Preparation of one passage for Editing
Day – III 12.01.2016:
1.Write on Essay on  the various kinds of ‘discrimination prevailing in your Village. What are your suggestions to eliminate them?
2. Reading passage 1 of Unit V
3. Preparing a passage for Editing
Day – IV 13.01.2015:
1.Write the Choreography Script for ‘Another woman’.
2. Reading passage 2 of Unit V
3. Preparing a passage for Editing
Day – V 14.01.2015:
1.Write the Choreography Script for the poem ‘Abandoned’
2. Reading passage 3 of Unit V
3. Preparing a passage for Editing

Day – VI 15.01.2016
1.Write a narrative on the events depicted in ‘Another Woman’
2. Reading passage 1 of unit VI
3. Preparing Editing passage
Day – VII: 16.01.2016
1.Write a play based on the events depicted in ‘Another Woman.’
2. Reading passage 2 of Unit VI
3. Preparing Editing passage
Day – VIII 17.01.2016
1.Write a choreography script on ‘Plea for India.’
2. Reading passage 3 of Unit VI
3. Preparing editing passage.
Day – IX 17.01.2016
1.Write the choreography script on ‘will the Dreamer wake?’.
2. Reading passage I of unit VII
3. Preparing Editing passage.
Day – X 18.01.2016
1.Write a letter to the Dist. Collector highlighting the social / environmental issues prevailing in your village.
2. Reading passage 2 of Unit VII
3. Preparing Editing passage.

20.01.2016 Reporting day after Pongal Holidays
1.  Presentation   of   the   Choreography   script   they   have   written   and performing the choreography based on the script Giving feedback on the presentation
1.A/N – Refining the choreography script
2. Reading the passage 3 of unit VII
1. Input on social issues presented in Oliver asks for more’.
AN: 2. writing the review individually and refining it in groups - editing
1. Input on the Human rights Issue discussed in The Jamaican fragment,’
AN: 2. Refining the group product
3. Reading passage 1 of unit VIII.
1.Critical Questions on any of the Reading passages assigned during Pongal holidays
A/N : Editing any distorted passages
1. Input on speech on human rights and feedback on the presentation
2. Editing 2 distorted passages
A/N Writing the script of speech –individually, refining in groups
1. A/N Converting ‘Oliver asks for more’ into a drama - feedback
1. Editing any group product
29.01.2016: Editing any group product
30.01.2016 Or 31.01.2016 Preparation for Intensive Testing

TABLE-I Quality Tracking: Completion of written discourses (IW: Individual work; GW: Group work; EGW: Edited GW; EIW: Edited IW)
S. No Name of student Conversations Descriptions Rhymes Narrative
Additional tables are needed for covering all the other discourses such as Review, Poems/ Songs, Choreography script, Letter, Poster, Speech Script, etc.) Table 2 Quality Tracking of Quality Tracking Completion of written discourses: Consolidation Consolidation format
S.NO Particulars Completed IW Completed GW Completed EDG Completed EIW
1 Description
2 Conversation
3 Narrative
4 Essay
5 Play
6 Letter
7 Biographical sketch
8 Poem / Song
9 Choreography script
10 Notice
12 Review
11 Poster
13 Speech (written script)
14 Compeering script
15 Invitation
Note: Some of the minor discourses have been left out. Above data should be sent to head office through portal- DATA ENTRY FORMS
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