Teacher Empowerment Training Programme Day wise Schedule 2016 in Telangana

Teacher Empowerment Training Programme Schedule 2016

Teacher Empowerment Forum is going to conduct Teacher Empowerment Training Programme(training the trainers) to the Selected teachers and in this subject a proposal has been sent to concerned district Officials for TOT training for 5 days to 100 selected teachers of Govt. schools in Telangana Sate
Day 1
  1. How children learn languages?
  2. Differences between L1 and L2 (Mother tongue and Target language )
  3. Kinds of Learning
  4. The present scenario
  5. Text based curriculum and skill based curriculum
  6. Developing listening comprehension
  7. Developing speaking skills
  8. Developing Reading comprehension
  9. Developing writing skills
  10. Familiarization with student resources
  11. Letter cards
  12. Picture cards
  13. Reading passages
  14. Leveled reading
  15. English 400 reading program
Day 2
  1. Components of language
  2. Sounds
  3. Structures
  4. Meanings
  5. Introduction to the sounds of English (Phonetics )
  6. Stress patterns
  7. Intonation
  8. Exercises on the areas mentioned above
Day 3
  1. Introduction to structures (Linguistics )
  2. Articles
  3. Modals
  4. Tenses
  5. Question tags
  6. Direct and indirect speech
  7. Punctuation
  8. Idioms and phrases

Day 4
  1. Developing Reading Skills /Writing skills
  2. Kinds of reading
  3. Skimming and scanning
  4. Reading for comprehension
  5. Mechanics of writings
  6. Creative writing
Day 5
  1. Methodology to enhance language proficiency skills
  2. Oral and Aural approach
  3. Discourse oriented whole language approach
  4. Organizing language development activities like language games ,quiz programs ,reading sessions ,recitations, debates and impromptu speeches
  5. Discussion on functions
  6. Assessment of language skills

The Road Map
Training the master Trainers:
  1. This training is a 5 full day program – 10 AM to 5 PM
  2. Using the below mentioned resource books, master trainers are trained.
  3. It is mandatory that every participant has a copy of resources (1) & (2).
During the training, master trainers prepare various worksheets, material which will be used to train Primary school teachers.

Details of teacher resources:
S.No. Course Books Price Rs.
1 Speak well by Orient Blackswan 190
2 ‘English Grammar just for you, by OUP 215
Reference Books
3 English for Teachers of primary classes by OUP 375
4 ‘Professional speaking skills’ by OUP 250
Serial number 1 & 2 are course books and serial number 3 & 4 are reference books.  Source: Teacher Empowerment Forum,Hyderabad
TEP/Teacher Empowerment Training Programme 2016 in Telangana


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