Instructions for Preparedness for ensuing TS SSC Exams 2016 and Other Issues

Instructions for Preparedness for ensuing TS SSC Exams 2016 and Other Issues

DSE Instructions for Preparedness for ensuing SSC Exams and Other Issues-DSE Telangana Video Conference: Video conference by Special Chief Secretary with all the District Collectors and DEOs: The Academic Calendar for the academic year 2016 with details of syllabus distribution, dates for the completion of the syllabus, vacation period, Examination schedule, etc. have been developed, printed from office of Directorate of School Education and provided to all the schools with instructions to follow the schedule.

Instructions,TS SSC Exams,Other Issues

The syllabus for class X shall be completed by 31st January, 2016 and revision of the syllabus may be taken up from 1st to 29th February, 2016.

Pre-final examinations may be conducted during 1st to 10th March, 2016 @1 subject per day and the question paper may be discussed and solved in the evening at the school under the supervision of subject teachers. Any type of exam must be followed by discussion question papers and solving the questions.

The 4th Formative Assessment [FA4] test for class X shall be completed before 31st January, 2016 and for class I to IX by 29th February, 2016. The records must be completed immediately.

Instructions have already been issued that every DEO must constitute monitoring committees under Dy.EOs with expert Headmasters and subject teachers to visit all the schools and verify the marks allocated to the Formative Assessments vis-à-vis student records and certify the proper allocation of marks. Based on the certification by the committee, the Headmasters are allowed to upload the internal marks to the website of SSC Board during 2nd and 3rd week of February, 2016. All the DEOs are requested to monitor this.

The SSC examinations will be conducted from 21st March to 9th April, 2016 from 09.30 AM to 12.15 PM. The Second Language the timings are from 09.30 AM to 12.45 PM.

A test may be conducted for all the children in all the subjects on fundamental concepts to identify the weak students on 1st and 2nd February, 2016 by the concerned teachers to identify the children who are backward in their concerned subject and to take up appropriate follow up action.

The DEO should conduct HMs meetings division-wise to discuss the plan of action and focus on the slow learner students identified based on the test. During the meeting, the difficult subjects where students performed poorly may be discussed and plan for follow up action.

Revision of syllabus unit-wise may be taken up during February, 2016 wherein the teacher has to develop certain questions in each chapter/ unit and discuss the same in the classroom and clarify the concepts. A quiz type discussion may be conducted followed by explanation by the teacher. Sufficient may be given to each subject per day rather than single period for revision. Accordingly, timetable may be arranged.

Special classes may be conducted every day for two (2) hours i.e. either one hour each in the morning and evening i.e. 08.30 to 09.30 AM and 05.00 to 06.00 PM or two hours at a stretch in the evening as per the convenience of both students and teachers.

A parents meeting may be conducted to focus on children studies at home. The phone numbers of the parents may be collected and adoption of children may be given to the teachers. The adopted teachers may give a wakeup call to the parents/ students in the early morning to make them study in the early hours.

Special classes may be conducted on Sundays for hostel students. The hostel Warden also may take care of the students and guide them in his/ her subject.

The Headmasters should plan for morning/ evening snacks with the help of community/ parents. In this regard, some funds may also be provided from RMSA/ SSA. The locally available boiled grams, groundnuts, biscuits, fruits may be planned and provided as evening snacks.
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