TS SSC 2018 internal marks online feeding at sscinternal.bsetelangana.org

TS SSC 2018 internal marks online feeding at bsetelangana.org

http://sscinternal.bsetelangana.org/,TS SSC 2018 internal marks online uploading at sscinternal.bsetelangana.org. TS SSC internal marks online feeding at bsetelangana.org,TS SSC Internal marks entry instructions, SSC Formative Assessment marks entry, SSC FA Marks entry: DGE Telangana has given instructions to all DEOs for Feeding of TS SSC Internal marks on on web portal www.bsetelangana.org-Rc.No.15, Dated: 23-02-2016-TS SSC Public Exams March 2017-Feeding of Internal marks. DGE has informed to all DEOs that the internal marks (FA) have to be uploaded by the Headmasters for Regular candidates pertaining to SSC Public Examinations March 2017 on web portal www.bsetelangana.org. In this regard all the District Educational Officers are requested to make arrangement for feeding Internal marks (FA) duly instructing Deputy Educational Officers to monitor the process of work day to day basis till the work is completed. Other important instructions also have to be followed without fail.

TS SSC 2017 internal marks,online uploading feeding,sscinternal.bsetelangana.org

SSC internal marks online entry started...............
#Username: School DISE code.
#Password: HM phone number or School DISE code
Website: sscinternal.bsetelangana.org or Internal Marks Uploading
Formative marks uploading Date: from 09-03-2017 to 14-03-2017
1) Visit one or two schools every day and ensure that the schools are entering the internal marks accurately and see the work is completed as; per schedule.
2) Review with the Deputy Educational Officers and get their visit reports every day.
3) Arrange trainings for Deputy Educational Officers and Headmasters on the subject.
4) Communicate guidelines to all the Schools.
5) Initiate action against the Headmasters/Schools who are found to be negligent of the work.
6) Collect one copy of the internal marks from all the Schools through Deputy Educational Officers and arrange to send them to the Office of the Director of Government Examinations on the scheduled date.
7) Submit daily reports to the Commissioner and Director of School Education as well as to the Director of Government Examinations till the work is completed.
8) At any circumstance the feeding of internal marks schedule will not be extended.

In this regard, DGE Telangana has requested all the District Educational Officer to make arrangements for feeding Internal marks pertaining to Regular candidates appearing for SSC Public Examinations March 2018 on web portal (www.bsetelangana.org)

All the Heads of the institutions is hereby informed that the uploading of formative assessment marks through web www.bsetelagana.org pertaining to SSC Public Examinations, March, 2018. No further extension will be given under any circumstance.


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