Day 19 Spoken English to Teachers

Day 19 - Spoken English to Teachers

Spoken English to Teachers - Day 19: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, English lessons, Learn English.

SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY 19 (13-4-2016)
1. రాకేష్ నువ్వు ఏం రాసావో నాకు చూపించు?
Rakesh, please show me, what have you written?

2. నేను తెలుగు పదాలు dictation చెబుతాను,పదాలను ఒకదాని క్రింద ఒకటి రాయండి.
I'll give you dictation of Telugu words, write them one after the other.

3. సుజాత మేడమ్,మీకు spoken English messages వస్తున్నయా?
Sujatha madam, Are you receiving Spoken English messages?

4. నాకు రావట్లేదు మేడమ్? నాకు కూడా ఈ spoken English messages రావాలంటే ఏం చేయాలి?
No, I am not receiving Spoken English messages. What should I do receive them?

5. చాలా simple మేడమ్,9849909115 no.కు,మీ mobile number & name ను  message పెట్టండి.
It's quite simple madam, sms your mobile number & name to 9849909115.

Common Errors
1. Incorrect : I have visited Agra last weekend.
Correct: I visited Agra last weekend.

2. Incorrect: My sister is married with my cousin.
Correct : My sister is married to my cousin.

3. Incorrect: My school is near to uppal X roads.
Correct : My school is near uppal X roads.

4. Incorrect : I look forward to meet you.
Correct: I look forward to meeting you.

5. Incorrect : I can able to speak English fluently.
Correct:  I can speak English fluently.

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