Day 27 - Spoken English to Teachers

Day 27 - Spoken English to Teachers

Spoken English to Teachers - Day 27: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses.
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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-27 (21-4-2016)
1. శ్రీను సార్,మీ school లో నిన్న ఎంతమంది mid day meals తిన్నారు?
Srinu Sir,  How many children had mid day meals in your school yesterday?

2. మొదటిరోజు కావున కొంచెం తక్కువమంది పిల్లలే వచ్చారు.
Since it was the first day,few children turned up.

3. ఈ రోజు ఉదయం పిల్లలతో,అంగన్ వాడీ కార్యకర్తలతో,సర్పంచ్,SMC చైర్మెన్ తో rally మరియు టాo..టాo.. కార్యక్రమం చేద్దామని అనుకుంటున్నాo.
We are thinking of  conducting  a rally and Tam Tam programme along with children,Aganwadi  Volunteers, Sarpanch and SMC chairman this morning.

4. బావుంటుoది సార్,ఈ విధంగా ఎక్కువ publicity చేస్తే తప్పకుండా అందరూ వచ్చి mid day meals తింటారు.
It will definitely work if this sort/ kind of publicity is given as more children will have mid day meals.

5. మా school లో projector ద్వారా మంచి కధలు,పద్యాలు,దేశభక్తి సినిమాలు పిల్లలకు చూపిస్తున్నాo,ఈ విధంగా చేయడం వల్ల చాలామంది పిల్లలు వస్తున్నారు.
We are using a projector in our school to screen stories with a moral(fables),poems and patriotic movies for students. Many students are attending school due to this.

This tense is used to indicate actions that are in progress.
(Remember that the actions indicated in this tense are temporary or for a short while.)

Key words:
these days , now-a-days, now, at this moment. .......
(Note: We should not use expressions like  Everyday every month Regularly....)

Grammar focus
1. Usage of be  forms in present
Is /am/ are
2. Continuous form of verb

play + ing = playing learn + ing = learning    teach + ing = teaching

Sentence structure 
Subject + is/am/ are +  V1ing + Object.
1. I am attending spot valuation camp these days.
2. Our Government is reviewing the education system these days.
3. She is watching television now.

Negative structure: 
Subject +is/am/are +not + V1ing +Object
1. I am not hitting the gym these days.
2. They are not  listening to the lecture.
3. He is not paying attention to his work now-a-days.

Is/are +subject + V1ing + Object.
Is he preparing for civil services?
Are you working on  java these days?
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