Day 41-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms

Day 41-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms

Spoken English to School Teachers - Day 41: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, Grammar, vocabulary, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses. Day 41- Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms.

Spoken English,School Teachers,Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms
Today let us observe other usage of simple future tense.
This tense is also used to Describe people,  places and things in the future.

Here we use
" will + be"

KEY WORDS:  Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month/year, after a few days.

Subject (I,0 we, you, they, he, she, it) + will be + Object + future time

1. I will be on time tomorrow.
2. My brother will be a graduate by next year.
3. By next year, I will be a manager.

4. Weather forecast:
“It will be very hot tomorrow.”

5. I am doing my B.Ed now; I will be very patient with my students when I become a teacher.

Subject + will not (won't) be + object + time frame

1. I won’t be absent to the class tomorrow.
2. I will not be here at 5 this evening.
3. She will not be 18 years old when she joins college next year
4. She is very unhappy in this group. She will not be a member of this group for long.
5. Don’t call up at 5 this evening. The manager will not be available then.

Will + Subject + be+ object + time frame l

1. Will you be regular to school tomorrow onwards?
2. Will the shop be open at 8 tomorrow evening?
3. Will there be more jobs in software field in the next 5 years?
4. Will you be in India next year?
5. Will she be present for the seminar next week?

1. Deliberate = do something planned or intentionally (of something bad) (ఉద్దేశపూర్వక)
It was Rohan's  deliberate decision to quit his software job and take up social work.

2. Delicious  =A pleasant taste( రుచికరమైన )
Paradise Biryani is quite  delicious and yummy.

3 demonstrate= to show or make something clear( ప్రదర్శనచేయు )
The teacher used a model of the heart to  demonstrate how it functions.
(demonstrate - demonstrated)

4.Determine= strong desire to do something( నిర్ణయించబడు )
One of my students has  determined to be a pilot.

5) dip = To put something into a liquid( ముంచుట / మునిగి పోవు )
The girls sat on the edge of the pool and dipped their feet in the cool water.
( dip - dipped)

(Irregular Verbs)
Present-Past-Past participle
       V1       V2       V3
1. freeze-  froze-frozen
2. lay  -laid- laid
3. tear-tore-torn
4. swell- swelled- swelled / swollen
5. weep- wept- wept
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