TS Schools Badi Bata Schedule-Day wise Programmes,Activities 2017

TS Schools Badi Bata Schedule-Day wise Programme, Activities from 3rd to 13th June 2016

TS Schools Badi Bata Programme Schedule/Special Enrollment Drive Day wise Programme 2016-2017: A Special Enrollment Drive Badi Bata Programme starts form June 3rd in all TS Schools. Telangana Govt has launched Badi Bata Programme as one of its Special Enrollment Drive/Compaign Programme to complete the Admissions of 2016 academic year in all Govt/Zilla Parishad Schools from 3rd to 12th June, 2016 in connection with special drive for Community mobilization for enrollment of all school age children. The Schedule of Badi Bata has been released by DSE Telangana on 2/06/2016.

"Badibata" (A Drive for Enrollment): #Badibata (Enrollment drive) is a massive campaign taken up from 3rd June,2016 to 13th June, 2016 to enroll all school age children. Gram sabhas suggested strategies to be adopted for 100% enrolment and retention. Other campaign activities like holding rallies, exhibitions and publicity through dissemination of educative material taken up. Day wise activates included in this programme. Admission of class V and class VII children into next higher classes carried out.

TS Schools,Badi Bata,Schedule,Day wise Programme,Activities

Enrollment of the children - Professor Jayashankar Badibata 2017:
1. The Badibata campaign to improve the enrollment In way of meeting the parents and community members in the school catchment area by the Head Master, teachers and SMC Members. The Badibata campaign shall be conducted in two spells i.e..
Badibata campaign
Spell I: from 21.03.2017 to 28.03.2017 and
Spell II: from 01.06.2017 to 00.06.2017.

2. The Head Masters and teachers shall conduct a Compaign to get the children and improve the enrollment during Badibata.

3. The Head Master of Primary School is responsible to take all the children of Class V and join in the nearby Upper Primary/ high School along with TCs and enroll them and see that all children get enrolled in the higher classes. The head Master of the High Schools shall receive the students along with head Master and parents and enroll the students.

4. The Head Master of Upper Primary schools are responsible to take all the children of Class VII / VIII and join in the nearby High Schools along with TCs and enroll them and see that all children get enrolled in the higher classes. The head Master of the High Schools shall RN:eke the students along with (lead Master and parents and enroll the students.

5. The Head Master of Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools are requested to conduct -Samuhika Akshara Abhyasam Festival on 24.03.2017 in the school premises by decorating the school and inviting the parents and community members. The Head Master may arrange slates, note books, pencils etc.. to the newly enrolled children through community support. Detailed guidelines will be issued on Badi Bata from SSA

Week long Badi Bata started from June 7th, 2016:
The prestigious week-long child enrolment drive, 'Badi-Bata', will start across the State from June 7. As per a circular has been issued by the School Education Department on 06.06.2016, the seven-day drive will particularly focus on girl child enrollment, school age children enrollment, identify children with special needs (CWSN), review infrastructure facilities in schools and also educate the parents about literacy.

The drive will be conducted by the headmaster of the respective government schools in coordination with all the local level officers and leaders. As part of the drive, the headmasters, along with teachers and Anganwadi workers concerned, will go door-to-door to identify the dropout children and never enrolled children. 

The drive will also focus on the children, especially from the minority communities. A rally would be conducted on the last day of the drive followed by distribution of books to the students. They would also encourage the participants to take part in 'Swachh Pathshala' mission and will inspect the requirements of the school

Read | Video Conference minutes on Badi Bata Programme

BADI BATA Day wise programmes/Activities
Following activities may be followed in Badi bata(Detailed schedule will be issued by SSA)
Day 1 :
1. Keep ready habitation wise Village Education Registers and aggregated gram panchayat level with total school age children in the habitation and catchment area.

2. Keep ready the lists of zero enrolment schools and schools with less enrolment at mandal level and attend the Video Conference with full data.

3. Keep ready the lists of dropout children, never enrolled, disabled children, children receiving ASARA pensions, lists of children from anganwadies etc.,

4. School wise information on gaps of school infrastructure in terms of class rooms, toilets, drinking water, electricity facility, compound wall etc.,

5. Video Conference from state level at 5.00p.m.  - attending the video conference with all the lists of information as above  by all educational officers at district  and mandal level (including MPDOs, school complex HMs and CRPs at their respective mandal headquarters)

6. District and mandal level meeting after Video Conference with educational officers and other stake holders, discussion on the proposed day wise BADI BATA programme (enrolment drive) and planning for participation of educational officials in the meeting at school level.

7. Preparation Action plan by the mandal team i.e., MEOs, MPDOs, MROs to visit the habitations especially zero enrolment, low enrolment and high dropout habitation / schools. The mandal team shall visit at least  one habitation each day and participate in the discussions to improve the enrolment.

Day 2 ::
1. Meeting at school level with HMs, Teachers, Parents and SMCs and other community members – discussion on present school enrollment situation and plan for enrolment drive. Preparation of action plan habitation wise.

2. House campaigns by the HM, Teachers, SMCs on the enrollment of children as per the list. 

3. Preparing the Transfer Certificates (TCs) for outgoing children and getting lists of children from respective Anganwadi Centres.

Day 3 ::
1. Enrollment drive – door to door campaign for enrolling school age children in class I Meeting with parents of out of school children, drop-outs and never enrolled children, CWSN as per village education register (VER) and steps to join them in KGBVs, NRSTs and regular schools in various classes as per their age. 

2. Preparation of action plan for Telangana Haritha Haram.

Day 4 ::
1. Meeting with HMs, Teachers, Parents and Gram Sarpanch, Ward Members, SMC Members discussion on improvement of enrollment in Government Schools. Discussion on the commitment on the parents and community on enrollment improvement in the schools and possible support from the community to improve the school infrastructure, facilities etc.,

2. Discussion on Gram Panchayat commitment in attending school cleaning, sanitation, toilets, drinking water etc., and attending the works.

3. Focused discussion especially in the zero enrollment and enrollment with less than 30 children to improve the enrollment and taking commitment from the parents, SMCs and Public Representatives.

4. Discussion on rationalization  of primary schools with in the Gram Panchayat, merging of upper primary schools in high schools in the same village, exclusive English Medium high schools by way of merging parallel English Medium sections with less than 80 enrollment and possible decision and agreement.

5. Discussion on the demand for English Medium from the parents and community and their preparedness to support to the school with enrollment and facilities. Based on these teachers to take decision on their preparedness to teach EM classes – a shared decision on starting of English Medium starting with class I.

Day 5 :
1. Swatchh Patashala - preparation of school premises and school readiness for the academic year 2016-17 - White washing, black board painting, toilet cleaning, drinking water arrangement, cleaning of school premises removal of debris and un-serviceable items etc.,

2. Cleaning of class rooms, furniture, staff rooms, library, labs and keep ready for the reopening day.

Day 6 :
1. Enrollment drive in the village with HM, teachers and SMCs 

2. Haritha Haram programme – Planting the trees.(as per feasibility and water source)

3. Developing school development plan by the HM, teachers and SMCs in detailed way as per the proforma and discussion on required resources and strategies to acquire resources.

Day 7 ::
1. Enrollment drive in the village with HMs, teachers and SMCs. 

2. Discussion on the annual plans and lesson plans developed by the HM and Teachers and possible improvement.

3. Discussion on the available resources in the school and utilization of lab equipment, teaching learning material, library books etc., in learning for both teachers and students – Discussion on Strategies.

Day 8 ::
1. Enrollment drive in the village with HM, teachers and SMC and preparatory activities to conduct Saamuhikha Aksharabhyasam” for class I on 13th June 2016 i.e., Schools Re-opening day. Enlisting the support from the community members, old students to supply slates, notebooks, pencils etc., to the class I and other children.

2. Meeting with Anganwadi Centre workers and SMCs for the enrollment of all the children of Anganwadi into primary school.

3. Preparation of list of outgoing children i.e. class V in case of Primary Schools and class VII/ VIII in case of Upper Primary Schools and preparation of TCs and plan for their enrolment in the nearby high schools. The HM to accompany the children along with TCs to enroll in nearby schools.

Day 9 ::
1. Campaign in the village on the proposed “Saamuhikha Aksharabhyasam” for class I children in schools. Enlisting the support from the community members, old students to supply slates, notebooks, pencils etc., to the class I and other children. Preparations for conduct of Saamuhikha Aksharabhyasam and invitation to parents, SMC, Village Sarpanch and Ward Members.

2. Making sets of text books for each class (a set of all the books to each child to be given to the children on 13/06/2016) 

Day 10 ::
1. Conduct of “Saamuhikha Aksharabhyasam” for class I children at 10.00 AM by decorating the schools and providing free slates, slate pencils, notebooks through community support. The SMC and Panchayt President and Members shall participate in the programme along with parents.   

2. Issue of sets of text books to all the children with public representatives, SMC members.

The objectives of “Badi Bata Programme” shall be achieved through community participation, parents’ involvement, effective teacher participation and also regular monitoring by the education department. Success lies in creating awareness among parents about importance of education and highlighting the benefits being provided by the Govt. to take this education to their door step.
TS Schools Badi Bata Schedule-Day wise Programme
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