Post Matric Scholarships for AP TS SC,ST,BC,Minority Students 2016-17

Post Matric Scholarships for AP TS SC, ST, BC, Minority Students

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Post Matric Scholarships/
F eeReimbursement: ePASS means Electronic Payment and Application system of Scholarships. These are post matric scholarships which are granted to students by welfare departments of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Telangana State for enabling the eligible students who have passed 10th class examination or equivalent to pursue post matric studies as intermediate, ITI, polytechnic, professional courses, graduate and post graduate courses, Phd etc.,

AP Postmatric Scholarships, TS Postmatric Scholarships

Last date for apply for Postmatric Scholarships: The Scheduled Castes Development department has informed that the date for registration of colleges in e-pass website for sanction of scholarships has been extended up to December 31, 2016 February  1 to 15, 2017. Secretary of the department B.M.D. Ekka said that government has issued orders for the registration of the colleges and students in e-pass system to get scholarships  from the government. The e-pass website has been functioning from September 6.  The last date for sanction of fresh and renewal of  post-matric scholarships has ended on November 30. However several colleges have urged the government to extend the date and government has given the nod for extension. The Secretary made it clear that those Who register after December 31 would not be· granted Scholarships.  All the Welfare departments have been asked to give wide publicity on the registration and renewal of scholarships and to ensure that the process is completed by December 31, 2016 February  1 to 15, 2017.

For 2016-17 Scholarshps Application:
Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh and Renewal Registrations will be Closed on 15-02-2017

Scholarships Offered:
A post matric scholarships has two components namely reimbursement of tuition fee to the college and maintenance fee to the student.
RTF:  Reimbursement of Tuition Fee in full for students pursuing post matric courses approved by the University or Board. and this is sanctioned twice in a year i.e September and March of the Academic Year.
MTF: Maintenance fee means Maintenance charges or mess charges are sanctioned every month as per the rates mentioned on official website.

Students who belong to the categories of SC, ST whose annual parental income is Rs.2 Lakhs or below and BC, EBC, Disabled Welfare students whose parental income is Rs.1 lakh or below. Students whose attendance is 75% at the end of each quarter.

Students are not Eligible:
  • Students belonging to the categories other than SC, ST, BC, EBC and DW(Disabled).
  • SC,ST Students whose annual parental income is more than Rs. Two Lakhs and BC,EBC,Disabled Students whose parental income is more than Rupees One lakh.
  • All Students pursuing the part time courses, online courses.
  • Students admitted under Sponsored seats, Management Quota seats.
  • Students drawing the stipend more than the scholarship amount in aggregate per annum.
  • Students of BC, EBC and DW students studying the Courses offered by open universities, distant mode, category B seats in MBBS, BDS.
  • EBC students studying Intermediate or equivalent courses
Colleges Eligible:
All Post  Matric Colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh/Competent Authority and Telangana State/Competent Authority. The list of colleges is communicated by Administrative Departments (Departments of Higher Education, Technical Education, School Education, Health Medical and Family Welfare, Employment and Training) to the Commissioner of Social Welfare.

 A Sequence of related events arranged for Scholarships:
Student: Submission of application online within one month from the date of admission.
College: The Principal should issue bonafide certificate on the same day of submission of application form (hard copy) in the college.
ASWO/Field Officer:
Physical Verification: Twice in a year Within one month of re-opening of college Within one month from the last date of closing of Admissions Online recommendation within one week after verification.
Accounts Officer: Bills submission- 16th to 18th of every month.
D.T.O.: Passing of Bills and sending of cheques to Nodal Banks directly by 25th of every month.
Nodal Bank: Credit to Accounts- 1st of every month.
The Total Process should be completed within one month of submission of application.

Process of verification:

The process of verification is essentially meant to check whether the particulars given in the scholarship form are correct as per the documents enclosed.  The verification is done in two steps namely college verification and Independent verification.

A. College Verification:  In this verification, the college principal has been mandated to verify the documents furnished by each student with the entry made in the application form.  Once the verification is completed and all entries are found correct, he would finally sign the same and send it to the department for verification by the verification officer appointed by the District Collector.

B. Verification by the Verification Officer:  the verification officer appointed by the District Collector will conduct physical and documentary verification and submit his report either accepting or rejecting the scholarship application.

C. Scrutiny by the Welfare Officer: before each and every application is taken up for sanction it is the responsibility of the welfare officer to satisfy himself of the verification by the college principal and the verification officer and finally sanction the scholarship.

2. Important documents for Renewal or Fresh Fee Reimbursement/Post Matric Scholarship Registration Process

Post-Matric Scholarships *Fresh for SC, ST, BC & Disable /Minority Students for 2016-17 Registrations Opened for AP students and opened on 30/11/2016 for TS Students OR Post-Matric Scholarships *Renewal for SC, ST, BC & Disable /Minority Students for 2016-17 Registrations Opened for ap students and opened on 30/11/2016 for TS Students
Last date for submission of Scholarship Application on Online : 15-10-2016 for AP Students OR Last date for submission of Scholarship Application on Online : December 31, 2016 February  1 to 15, 2017 for TS Students

Appy Online and Scholarship Status:

Candidates can visit the epass website at
1. for Telangana State and
2. for AP and
click on the scholarship status button given in middle of web page. Furnish your application ID and other details are required. Upon furnish the details you will get a detailed statement showing the different transactions on your application


1) Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration
(Registrations Closed on December 31, 2016 February  1 to 15, 2017.)
2) Postmatric Scholarships For Renewal Registration
(Renewal Registrations Closed on  December 31, 2016 February  1 to 15, 2017.)


1) Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration
(Registrations will be Closed on 15-12-2016)
2) Postmatric Scholarships For Renewal Registration
(Registrations will be Closed on 15-12-2016)

C. National Scholarship Portal
Post Matric Scholarships for Minority Students @ National Scholarship Portal
Last date for submission of online application: 30-11-2016

For more details on scholarships: Get the Details
Apply online @ NS Portal:


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