One time registrations,Online nominations for INSPIRE Award Scheme 2017

One time registrations,Online nominations for INSPIRE Award Scheme 2016-17

One time registrations,Online nominations for INSPIRE Award Scheme 2016-17: SCERT Telangana, Rc.No.440, Dated:11-08-2016 : Implementation INSPIRE Award Scheme -one time registrations & online nominations for the year 2016-17 is open with effect from 25-7-2016 to 30-9-2016.  Ref: 1) Lr.No. 12011/71/2015-INSPIRE, Dt. 27-7-2016 of Joint Secretary Department of Science & Technology, GOl, New Delhi. 2) Lr.No. 2/60/2015-IAD, Dt. 2-8-2016 of Joint Secretary to Govt. of India, New Delhi.

One time registrations,Online nominations for INSPIRE Award Scheme 2016-17

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the refernace 1st cited above, wherein Joint Secretary, GOl, New Delhi informed that under the revamped INSPIRE Award Scheme (E-MIAS) system is now open to all the schools with effect from 25-7-2016.

The nomination will be open up to 30-9-2016. It may also kindly be noted that submission of a project synopsis (in word or PDF format) has now made mandatory while submission of online nominations. The online nominations can be done E-MIAS website (

In the reference 2nd cited she informed that, the INSPIRE Award Scheme is being revamped to align it with the action plan for "Start-up India" initiative launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. It is proposed to conduct the workshop with State Nodal Officers and District Nodal Officers of Southern Region to sensitise all stakeholders regarding the changes envisaged in the existing scheme. Workshop is scheduled to be held during 19-20 September 2016 at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru. Therefore all the District Nodal Officers of the state are requested to attend the said workshop for the said dates.

SCERT Telangana, Rc.No.440,Dated: 06-08-2016 Subject: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad - Implementation INSPIRE Award Scheme - one time registrations & online nominations for the year 2016-17 is open with effect from 25-7-2016 - Reg.
The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the subject cited above, the onetime registrations & online nominations for the year 2016-17 of INSPIRE Award scheme is open from 25-7-2016. Schools that got sanctioned one student or no student during the year 2014-15 & 2015-16 at Secondary level are eligible to nominate.

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At upper primary stage two student is eligible for nomination. The schools that have already sanctioned for two students at secondary level and one student at Upper primary stage either in year 2014-15 or 2015-16 are not eligible to nominate students. Those who are sending online nominations have to submit online a synopsis/ concept note during the nomination process which will also be a criteria for selecting students for awards.

Efforts are being made for the students who did not receive Rs. 5000/- for year 2015-16 to credit into their respective accounts by the DST. Therefore all the students, whose nominations are accepted by DST, shall take part in the DLEPC which is going to be organized in the month of September 2016.

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One time registration:
• Enter INSPIRE URL : in any web browser
• Click on School Authority button
• Click on for one time registration
• Click online mode
• Fill in the relevant details in the page and fields marked with * are compulsory.
• Then click save and next
• You will get a unique application number to you mail ID after successful filling of the registration form.
• Remember of mail ID and password is must.
• click on forward for approval button
• Then click on to proceed.
• Please generate the acknowledgement for reference.
• Email notification will trigger to the mail address with your use ID and to create a password you will get a link (URL).
• With the copy & paste of link in new tab and set your password to login
• Then click save button
• The new password should be at least 6 characters including combination of alphabets and numeric.
• Those who are enrolling for first time for online registration, they have to remember the following aspects:
  o Phone No. of the HM/Science teacher
  o User ID
  o Password.
  o The above items should be recorded in the register or in the file meant for Inspire.

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Online nominations
After registration, the guide teacher and the student should prepare the write up indicating the theme of the project/exhibit, aims and objective of the exhibit, working principle, conceptual frame work, functional value. The write up may be shared with other science teachers, subject experts available in neighbourhood areas. The idea is to have wider consultation for grooming the ideas and improving it. The write up may be made DTP in English language in the word or pdf form and may be uploaded in the website of Inspire awards.
• After setting the password go to home page and to login to click here
• Click icon forward nomination to DA
• Click on students nomination button
• Then open school dash board button
• After filling all the information the format press view & edit button if user wants to edit the particulars of the students.
• After editing click on forward application.
• Note :
o students bank details are compulsory for DBT.
o Uploading students photo, Aadhar Number
o Uploading write-up in word or pdf format is mandatory.

So, registration of schools and online nominations' for Inspire awards which commenced from 1st December, 2016 and ends on 28th February, 2017.
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