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Today TS Class MANA TV Programme Schedule/Digital Classes schedule for Digital Classrooms: TS Class Programme started in TS Digital Classrooms of TS govt Schools and these Digital Lessons are telecasting through MANA TV(SoFTNET) channel. The students can now understand the lessons easily due to video and audio systems enabled in digital method of teaching. The concentration of the students will increase enormously with the digital classes. The students also must work hard by learning the lessons perfectly asking whatever doubts they get while listening to the digital classes. By observing the visuals and listening to the audio, the students can enjoy the classes and remember the subjects easily which helps them to write the exams without any fear.



Date Class – IX (10.30am) Class – VIII(11.20am) Class – VII(2.30pm) Class – VI (3.20pm)
1-1-2017 (SUN) - - - -
2-1-2017 (MON) Maths plotting Points Phy-Sci Change of Shades – Sundial English U-7 The Wonderful World of Chess -1 Telugu Grammar-Samasalu
3-1-2017 (TUE) Phy-Sci Finding the Specific heat of solids by mixture method (T/M) Maths Laws of Exponents-I (Powers and zero power) Telugu Second language- vatthulu English U-7 PT Usha, The Golden Girl-1
4-1-2017 (WED) Bio-Sci Soil Pollution – Physical and Chemical Properties Social Social and Religious reform movements (T/M) Maths Quadrilaterals-I Science Scale Story (T/M)
5-1-2017 (THU) Social Human Rights & Fundamental Rights-1 Bio-Sci Not for drinking and not for breathing Science Soil – Our life -1 (T/M) Maths Proportion
6-1-2017 (FRI) Telugu Vayasam – 1 English U-7 Bonsai Life -1 Hindi Atma Vkishwas -1 Social Local Self government in urban areas
7-1-2017 (SAT) English U-7 The Trial -1 Telugu Kapu Bidda – 1 Social Devotional paths to the devine-1 Hindi Bache Chale Cricket Khelne-1
8-1-2017 (SUN) - - - -
9-1-2017 (MON) Maths Geometrical construction-I Phy-Sci Phases of the Moon Surface of the Moon English U-7 The Wonderful World of chess-2 Telugu Palleturi Pillagada -1
10-1-2017 (TUE) Phy-Sci Evaporation Maths Laws of Exponents-II (with negative powers) Telugu Sirulu pongina jeevagadda – 2 English U – 7 PT Usha, The Golden Girls -2
11-1-2017 (WED) - - - -
12-1-2017 (THU) - - - -
13-1-2017 (FRI) - - - -
14-1-2017 (SAT) - - - -
15-1-2017 (SUN) - - - -
16-1-2017 (MON) Bio-Sci Soil Pollution Social Social and religious reform movements-1 Maths Quadrilaterals-2 Science Finding the area of irregular shapes
17-1-2017 (TUE) Social Human Rights and Fundamental Rights-2 Bio-Sci Air pollution Science Soil – Our Life -2 Maths Line Symmetry
18-1-2017 (WED) Hindi Ramzaan -2 English U-7 Bonsai Life - 2 Hindi Atma Vishwas -2 Social Academic standards (General)
19-1-2017 (THU) English U-7 the Trial -2 Hindi Mai cinema hoon -2 Social Devotional paths to the devine-2 Hindi Udyaan-2
20-1-2017 (FRI) Maths Geometrical construction-I Phy-Sci Solar – Lunar Eclipses English U-7 The Wonderful World of Chess-3 Telugu Palleturi pillagada-2
21-1-2017 (SAT) Phy-Sci Finding the Specific heat of solids by mixture method (E.M) Maths laws of Exponents-3 Telugu Sirulu pongina jeevagadda – 2 English U-7 PT Usha, The Golden Girl - 3
22-1-2017 (SUN) - - - -
23-1-2017 (MON) Bio-Sci Urbanisation - Pollution Social Disaster management Maths Symmetry (Rotation symmetry) Science Finding the volume of irregular bodies
24-1-2017 (TUE) Social Women protection acts Bio-Sci Water Pollution Science Forest – Our life (T/M) Maths Practical Geometry
25-1-2017 (WED) Telugu Vayasam-2 English U-7 Bonsai Life -3 Hindi Anmol Vachan -1 Social Academic standards -2 (General)
26-1-2017 (THU) - - - -
27-1-2017 (FRI) English U-7 The Trial -3 Telugu Kapubidda – 2 Social Implementation laws in the districts Hindi Bache Chale Cricket Khelne -2
28-1-2017 (SAT) Maths Geometrical construction-III Phy-Sci Stars-Zodiac English U-7 The Wonderful World of Chess-4 Telugu Second Language (Dwithvalu)
29-1-2017 (SUN) - - - -
30-1-2017 (MON) Phy-Sci Boiling and melting point Maths Visualizing 3D in 2D (Nets & Isometric dot sheet) Telugu Grammar-sentences English U-7 PT Usha, The Golden Girl-4
31-1-2017 (TUE) Bio-Sci Bioremediation Social Understanding secularism Maths Area of parallelogram Science Movements in Animals (T/M)

READ |TS Digi Classes Youtube links

MANA TV Live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwlOchFc_WJKoCSgfDcGZQ

The TS Govt strived hard since one week for introducing digital classes in TS schools. We will remember Digi Class launching date as a milestone date for long time to come. In previous days, students were receiving education in a Convention manner which we call the chalk and talk method.

But  now onwards students will notice a great change in the way education is being delivered to the students. They will enjoy attending their classes which will have lots of animation, graphics, multimedia. Delivering content from MANA TV site using your own imagination using their own creativity. They will also be able to come out with lots of content which SoFTNET will be using to enrich what SOFTNET have planned here.

Digital Technology has been proven to be a success in improving the learning levels of all children in different parts of the world because we know that there are many concept which are complicated in nature and however good a teacher is unless the teaching is aided by pictures, visuals, graphics etc., the learning gets consolidated.  And we have seen the tremendous success of online portals like Khan Academy, Byju classes etc cetera which have help tremendously in children improving the learning levels doing well in exams and also understanding concept from the very very basic level.

In fact classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th or in way very very fundamental regardless of whatever profession you choose to become in the future. if you understand the basic concepts of all the subjects in these 5 classes whichever profession tomorrow you choose to get into this will stand you in very very good Stage. And there is no better way of learning these concepts then why using digital content.

We are very happy that our education department of Telangana government has taken a very very good in every Revolutionary step to introduce digital classes under TS Class program in such a large number of schools. Typically which government agencies trying to test out new ideas by testing in 100 Schools, 500 School, thousands schools. But our Dy. Chief Minister and entire  education department has motivated to reach out to as many schools as possible.

The end of the year the govt should be able to reach all the High Schools in our state at from next academic year onwards.  We will have not just one digital classroom but many distance classrooms in our state and tomorrow. When Telangana is recognised as a state which is on the front of digital  Technology Revolution, the step that which way all initiative on the 16th of November will be remembered as a milestone step. The success of the ts class let us hope that TS Govt continue to maintain very high standards and deliver the best digital content to our students.

We advised the students to concentrate more on studies for scoring good marks in the examinations and to get good name for parents and to the school staff.

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