Contract Junior Lecturers Remuneration/Salaries Enhanced to 27000/-

Contract Junior Lecturers Remuneration/Salaries Enhanced to 27000/-: Govt Junior Colleges Contract Faculty Remuneration enhanced to 27,000/-. Contract lecturers Salaries hiked to 27000/-. Contract Lecturers Salaries enhanced GO.No.409 G.O.Rt.No.409 Dated: 24.12.2016: Govt of Telangana, Higher Education (IE/AI) Department, Intermediate Education, Contract Faculty working in Government Junior Colleges in the State - Enhancement of Remuneration - Orders - Issued

Read the following:
1. G.O.Rt.No.143, Higher Education (IE.2) Department, dt:09.10.2000.
2. G.O.Rt.No.187, HE(IE.1) Dept., 40:25.03.2011.
3. G.O.Ms.No.14, Finance [HRM-I] Department, dated 19.02.2016.
4. G.O.Rt.No.185, Higher Education [IEJ DepartmeM, dated 28.06.2016.
5. From the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, Telangana, 1.r.Rc.No.Ser.11-2/702/2015, dt:15.11.2016

Government in the reference first read above, introduced the schetne of engaging Contract Faculty in Government Junior Colleges in the State. The Contract Faculty were engaged initially on payment of honorarium @ Rs.4000/- per month for urban area and @Rs.5000/- per month in tribal and rural areas. The Government in the reference second read above, enhanced and fixed the remuneration of contract Faculty (urban and rural) working in Government  Junior Colleges in the State @ Rs.18000/- per month.

Government vide reference third read above have issued orders for enhancement of remuneration for contract and outsourced personnel of certain services in Government Departments and mentioned that in respect of the categories of services other than those specified in the G.O., which are having a fixed consolidated remuneration, the remuneration shall be fixed not exceeding 50% enhancement of the existing remuneration or the minimum of the time scale attached to the similar category of comparable post in the Revised Pay Scales 2015, whichever is less.

Further, Government vide reference fourth read above, accorded permission for renewal of 3687 Contract faculty working in Government Junior Colleges in the State in General and Vocational stream, for the Academic Year, 2016-2017.

In the reference fifth read above, the Commissioner of Intermediate Education (CIE), Telangana, has requested the Government to adopt G.O.Ms.No.14, Finance [IIR M-I] Department, dated 19.02.2016 for enhancement of remuneration of the existing Contract Faculty, by adding 50% to the existing remuneration i.e., enhancement from Rs.18,000/- per month to Rs.27,000/- per month.

Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby enhance the remuneration of the Contract Faculty working in the Government Junior Colleges in the State, in terms of G.O.Ms.No.14 issual by Finance (HRM.I) Department vide reference third read above, from Rs.18,000/- (Rupees Eighteen Thousand only) per month to Rs.27,000/- (Twenty Seven Thousand only) per month and accordingly the payment of remuneration for the month of December, 2016 (to be paid on 01.01.2017) shall be made.

6 The Commissioner of Intermediate Education, Telangana, Hyderabad, shall take necessary action accordingly. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (EBS.1V) Department, vide their U.O.No.14721/303/EBS.1V/HE/2016, dated: 16.12.2016.

Contract Junior Lecturers Remuneration/Salaries Enhanced to 27000/-
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