NCERT National Achievement Survey / NAS assessment Survey in TS Schools, AP Schools

NCERT National Achievement Survey / NAS assessment Survey in TS Schools, AP Schools: Conduct of National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2017 for Classes, III, V and VIII, National Achievement Surveys for Evaluating Quality of Education Imparted in Schools. The Government of India through the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has been conducting National Achievement Surveys (NAS) for classes III, V and VII / VIII to provide information about the learning achievement of students at regular intervals.

NCERT National Achievement Survey / NAS assessment Survey in TS Schools, AP Schools

Government to conduct ‘world’s largest sample survey’ for students: The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has announced November 13 as the date for conducting its National Assessment Survey (NAS) for the students of class 3, 5, and 8. The date was announced during a video conference held between the HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar and the state education secretaries, directors, SCERT (State Council of Educational Research &Training) and project directors for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The decision for the date was taken after “consulting each and every state regarding holidays or festivals to ensure full and smooth conduct,” a statement from the ministry said. So far, during several rounds of the survey, a total of 4.45 lakh students have been tested for various learning outcomes.

“This time, approximately 30 lakh students will be assessed in the year 2017-18 making it the world’s largest sample survey of student learning achievement,” said the statement. “It is for the first time that the teachers will have a tool to understand what exactly the child should be learning in various classes... adding to this, for the first time there will be a detailed district-specific report card for all the districts in the country,” it added. So far, NCERT has conducted four rounds of National Achievement Survey (NAS) for Class 5, three rounds for classes 3 and 8 and one round for Class 10.

Download: National Achievement Survey Model Question Papers

Andhra Pradesh - Proc.Rc.No. 368, Dated: 11.08.2017:: Sub: SSA-SIEMAT-Conducting of  National Achievement Survey (NAS)at different levels of School education (Class III,V& VIII) based on Learning Outcomes-Tentatively in the month of October 2017- Issue of guidelines for Preparedness of the children - Orders - issued.

All the Project Officers of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, District Educational Officers and the Principals of DIET in the state are informed that MHRD is going to conduct National Achievement Survey (NAS) for classes III, V & VIII to know the Class Wise Learning Outcomes across the country tentatively in the month of October 2017.   In view of the above, ensuing NAS sample survey all the Project Officers, District Educational Officers are requested to take necessary steps to prepare the all students of sample schools so as to perform well in NAS assessment on Class wise and subject wise learning outcomes. NAS Assessment pattren , using material for preparedness of children in school,monitoring the children performance.

NAS | National Achievement Survey (NAS)(AP Schools)
NAS | National Achievement Survey (NAS)(TS Schools)

CNAS -2017: Census based National Achievment Survey - Classes 3,5,8th in the month of September-October 2017. : CNAS Is an educational survey.  Govt. of India , Ministry of human resource development, New Delhi proposed to conduct CNAS through NCERT for classes 3, 5th and 8th all over India during the month of September and October 2017. This CNAS would be the largest educational survay based on the learning outcome across the world.

Inorder to smooth conduct of CNAS The state project director SSA is appointed as state level coordinators and director, SCERT as state coordinator. In this context NCERT instructed to appointed district coordinators and asst.district coordinators to carryout CNAS Activities in their districts.

National Achievement Survey:

National Achievement Survey is not a school examination. It is a research study undertaken by NCERT and Supported by MHRD understand how effectively the school system is working in the country based on student learning. This will help the ministers and departments of education to support the school system to be more effective and improve student learning.

Learning Outcomes in Telugu:
AP SCERT : Subject wise, Class wise NCERT Learning Outcomes Hand book in Telugu(Andhra Pradesh)
TS SCERT : Subject wise, Class wise NCERT Learning Outcomes Hand books in Telugu(Telangana State)

In this survey, only a small proportion of students(sample) across India undertake this test. The test is conducted in some schools(sample) in each state, In the schools where the test is conducted, randomly selected students will be asked to under go the test. The scores of the test will have no impact on individual students' academic achievement records. One card is representing many others like him/her.

Individual students, teachers or schools do not receive results of these tests, The surveys collects the test data and analyses the scores by subject to prepare an overall report. The report will give a picture of the performance of students by State and the country as a whole.

The survey finding will have no direct impact on students or school. It will not favour schools which have taken part in the survey o have a negetive impact on those that did not participate in the survey. The research survey will help the the education system to plan more effectively based on students' needs. This research is to benefit all pupils, everywhere in India.

Examinations: An examination is a formal test of an individual student’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject on the curriculum. The results of examinations apply to individual students, enabling them to progress through school or apply for further education or employment. Taken together, examination results provide an overall snapshot of students’ performance at the end of a school year or course of learning. Examination results do not indicate the reasons behind high or low achievement of students.

Assessment Surveys:Assessment Surveys provide a measure of learning across a representative sample of students. They allow classification of students at a specific grade level by their ability (what students know and can do) in different subjects on the curriculum. National Assessment Surveys provide a “Health Check” to the education system by analysing achievement based on a range of background factors (school, home, teachers). They potentially enable policy makers and practitioners to address the challenges to enhance student learning
- National Achievement Survey to asses educational level of class wise students/Assessing Learning Outcomes
- Standard of School education improving
- NCERT Surveys shows improvement in overall learning
- Continuous, rolling programme of national achievement surveys made an integral part of the education system
- A dedicated National Assessment and Evaluation Centre to be established to take the lead in the design and commissioning of such surveys on behalf of the government
- Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) up to Grade VIII introduced. Indicating shift from high-stake external examinations towards school-based assessment for formative and summative purposes.
November 13 as the date for conducting its National Assessment Survey (NAS) in Telangana


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