NIOS D.El.Ed Training Programme 2017 for Untrained in-service teachers, Apply Online @

NIOS D.El.Ed Training Programme 2017 for Untrained in-service teachers, Apply Online @ D.Ed Course for Untrained In-service teachers/ Training of Untrained in-service teachers, D.El.Ed Training for Untrained in-service teachers. NIOS portal for Online Registration & Monitoring of the Untrained In-Service Teachers: Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) programme is a specifically designed package for in-service untrained teachers working in primary/ upper primary schools of different states of the country. The programme has been developed by the Academic Department, NIOS on the initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, keeping in view the NCF 2005, RTE 2009 and NCFTE 2010. The Programme aims at enabling the target group to develop in them skills, competencies, attitudes and understanding to make teaching and learning more effective.

NIOS D.El.Ed Training Programme 2017 for Untrained in-service teachers, Apply Online @

NIOS  has  been  vested  with  the  authority  to  train  the  untrained  teachers  at  Elementary  Level. The training package for D.El.Ed. Programme  has been developed by the NIOS in collaboration with other agencies working in field. The Institute offers a very innovative and challenging Two-year Diploma in Elementary Education Programme for in-service untrained teachers in different states according to RTE 2009. This D.El.Ed. Programme is through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode and provides you ample opportunity to be professionally trained without being disturbed from your regular working as a teacher. The self-instructional  materials  developed  specifically  for your use would be helpful  in creating understanding and help you in becoming a good teacher apart from becoming qualified for your job.

C & DSE Telangana - Memo.No.3193, Date:08-09-2017 :: Sub: TSSA Hyderabad - Training of untrained in-service elementary teachers in the Govt./Govt.Aided/Unaided-Private Schools in the State - Certain Instructions - Issued - Reg.

Ref: 1. D.O.Lr.No.17-2/2017-EE. l 7, Dt.03.08.2017 of the Addl. Secretary (EE.II) to GoI, MHRD, Dept., of SE & L, New Delhi addressed to Secretaries of all the States.
2. This office Memo. even no. dated 24.08.2017.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio District Project Officers of SSA in the State is invited to the reference 2nd cited through which they were requested to take immediate action in regard to training of 4048 Untrained Teachers working in the Schools run under Private Unaided Managements through NIOS.

The status of registration & payment of fee by the candidates in NIOS website as reported by the Regional Director, NIOS, Hyderabad shows that only 321 candidates have got registered and only 107 of them have paid the fee till now. The last date for registration and payment of fee by the respective candidates is 15.09.2017.

In this context, all the District Educational Officers & EO-DPOs, SSA in the State are directed to pay their immediate personal attention on this item and take all necessary initiatives to ensure that the in-service untrained teachers working in the Private Unaided Managements as per the details furnished vide reference 2nd cited as per UDISE 2015-16 are verified by the constituting special teams at mandal level and get registered along with payment of fee in NIOS Website for training through NIOS on or before 15.09.2017 as per the guidelines/instructions issued in the reference 2nd cited. This should be treated as TOP PRIORITY and take immediate action in the matter.
********************************Memo no.3193********************************

Teacher  Education  is  one  of  the  important  components  to  determine  the  quality  of  a  teacher. Untrained teachers remains deprived of becoming aware realising many good qualities of a teacher. Teaching is a profession which requires development of typical the feelings and skills of harnessing the good qualities in a learner.

To ensure that all untrained teachers acquire the requisite qualifications, SSA provides for 60 days of training for teachers who have not received any training before their recruitment. But this training cannot be deemed to be equivalent to requisite training qualification  as prescribed by the NCTE. However, after the notification of the " Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act
2009 effective from 1st April 2010, it is imperative that all teachers teaching at the elementary level,
if not trained, shall have to acquire training qualification within a period of five years.

The number of untrained teachers is so large that it may not be possible to train all of them through face  to  face  formal  system.  Alternative  strategies  like  Open  &  Distance  Learning  system  is considered to be an effective strategy to complete this gigantic task.

With this backdrop, it has been decided to develop and implement an elementary teacher training programme through Open & Distance Learning mode for untrained teachers teaching in elementary schools.

1. The minimum qualification required for admission in D.El.Ed. (ODL) for untrained in-service teachers is 50% marks in aggregate at Sr. Secondary (Class12th) (or its equivalent). For SC/ST/OBC/PH candidates a relaxation of 5% marks is admissible
2. Those who are not fulfilling the minimum qualification of 50% at 12th level can take admission in NIOS for improvement under Stream-1 or Stream-4 (On Demand Examination) as part credit in one subject, 2 subjects, three subjects or up to four subjects. Successful candidates will be issued only a Mark Statement.

Target Group and Eligibility Conditions:
Untrained  Teachers working at Primary level (I-IV/V) having Sr. Secondary  Qualification  (or its equivalent) with at least 50% marks in aggregate (for SC/ST/OBC/PH candidates a relaxation of 5% marks admissible) and Untrained Teachers working at Upper Primary level (V/VI – VIII) having B.A./B. Sc. Qualification.State sponsorship is mandatory.

The Minimum duration of the programme is two years. However, the registration of a learner to the programme shall be valid for a period of three years.

Programme Structure:
The basic principles on which the programme is structured is based on the functions a teacher is expected to perform at the elementary schools, be it engaging in the classroom processes, mobilizing the community, participation in the corporate life of the school, or implementing the whole school development plan.

D.El.Ed Programme Guide:

D.El.Ed Programme Guide in English
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Hindi
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Odia
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Tamil
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Marathi
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Malayalam
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Punjabi
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Gujarati
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Telugu
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Kannad
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Assamese
D.El.Ed Programme Guide in Bengali
D.El.Ed Programme Guide Download
Apply Online for D.Ed Course for Untrained In-service Teachers
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