ICT Computer Skills Training to TS High School Maths, Science Teachers in November 2017

ICT Computer training: ICT Computer Skills Training to TS High School Maths, Science Teachers in November 2017. Conducting ICT training to all the teachers of Maths and Science teaching in Secondary Schools. Regional Level ICT Orientation Programme. Information Communication Technology(ICT). PROCEED INGS OF THE COMMISSIONER & DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL EDUCATIOvN AND EX-OFFICIO PROJECT DIRECTOR, RMSA, TELANGANA, HYDERABAD. Rc.No.43/ICT /RMSA/2016, dt. 03.11.2017 :: Sub: Conducting ICT training to all the teachers of Maths and Science teaching in Secondary Schools - Developing District Resource Groups by way of conducting training at Regional level from 8th to 13th November 2017- Orders issued - Reg.

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Director SIET, all the DEOs in the State, Principals of DIETs, CTEs and IASE are hereby informed that it is proposed to conduct training on ICT to the district level resource groups from 8th to 13th November 2017.

ICT training Programme New Schedule:
Postponement of training programme to the two batches i.e., 13th to 15 and 16th to 19th Nov 2017 to 20th to 25th nov 2017/ Postponment of ICT training from 14th to 19th November 2017 at all DIETs, CTEs, IASEs and SIET.  As part of CLIX work in Telangana, CLIX are currently in the process of training teachers from the 300 schools that CLIx is working with. Due to a date clash with the TROER program. CLIX are requesting that our training dates be shifted from 13-18 to 20-25.

The detailed schedule is posted bellow. 
Date of training Subject Name of training centre District
20-22 Nov’17 Life Science IASE Rangareddy
20-22 Nov’17 Life Science DIET Vikarabad
20-22 Nov’17 Physical Science DIET Karimnagar
20-22 Nov’17 Physical Science TS Model School Karimnagar
20-22 Nov’17 Maths DIET Warangal
20-22 Nov’17 English B Ed Warangal
23-25 Nov’17 Physical science IASE Rangareddy
23-25 Nov’17 Maths DIET Vikarabad
23-25 Nov’17 Life Science DIET Karimnagar
23-25 Nov’17 Life Science TS Model School Karimnagar
23-25 Nov’17 Maths DIET Warangal
23-25 Nov’17 English B Ed Warangal
We request you to give your approval regarding the same. Hope you would do the needful.

Following is the programme details.
• It is proposed to conduct training in all the 8 DIETs, CTE, IASE, Private Engineering College, Mancherial and SIET. About 30 participants per center @5 per district.
• The RPs identified are the teachers of Maths and Science who posses knowledge. of computers and digital practice.
• The programme is for 6days i.e. 8th to 13th November 2017.
• The State level RPs and two MIS Coordinators shall visit the centers ori 6th and make computer lab ready for the training. The MIS Coordinators stay on 7th and attend the lab readiness activities. ..
• The TA, DA will be paid for the participants, MIS Coordinators and as well as RPs. If DIET Principals provides accommodation along with boarding an amount of Rs.350/- is being provided towards lodging and boarding per persons per day. Incase there no accommodation lodge charges may be provided to the participants and RPs upto maximum of Rs.200/- per day based on the lodge receipts.
• Rs.150/- Honorarium may be provided to resource persons and MIS coordinators.
• The TA, DA, Honorarium etc. to the Core team members may be paid from State RMSA Office. The Principal I Head of the Institute shall act as Course Directors.
• Mr. Gurumurthy, IT for change is requested to depute his team members to the 'centers to support the training.
• Furniture (table, chairs), projector also need to be organized. Recently distributed ·
KY AN systems with in-built projectors can also be used, since Ubuntu Kalpavriksha'has been installed on them.
• For each venue, ICT Lab, a lab charge of Rs 1,000 per day is provided as part of the . workshop budget, which can be used for regular lab maintenance, electricity, water, sanitation, menial charges etc.
• In all JCT Labs, the systems need to be connected to a LAN (Local Area.Network), for which a Switch (30 port) will be required. For internet, a modem cum router will be required. This should be done by the MIS Coordinator attached to the venue
• Internet connectivity - 100 MBPS connection required in each venue (Jib or BSNL). We can check this offer - https://www.jio.com/shop/jiofi-999-festive-offer

• The actual of internet connection shall be met from the workshop budget.
• This new version JIO wifi device will support upto I 0 computers. For this option, we need to buy USB wifi deivces for each computer, which will cost few hdndred ruppees per device. If we chose this option, then we can avoid setting up the LAN. This may be a cheaper option and easier to set-up
• The Principals of DIETs, IASE, CTE are requested to take regular internet connection on monthly basis as per the specifications as above since it is used by the· students and trainees of future workshops.
• One week before the training begins, the MRP must visit the ICT lab and confirm its working. Any issues should be alerted in advance so they can be addressed - TROER oftline should be copied in all the workshop computers and MRPs should pen-drives for the district workshops. take it in their
• 1:1 teacher computer ratio is a must. The number of teachers should not-be more than
the number of working computers at the venue
• A note book and pen may be given to the participants and also photocopy of students text book - Level J, II and III (English version) and teacher handbookISnglish version). Soft copy of the students text book, duly meeting the amount from the workshop expenditure.
• Tea, Snacks and working lunch may be provided i.e. Rs.20/- per participants towards two times tea, snacks and Rs.SO/- towards working lunch is provided.
• Daily Rs. I 00/- towards drinking water
• Rs.5.00 Lakh per DIET is now sanctioned and released as an advance to all the Principals of DIETs and Rs.5.00 lakhs each to IASE Masabtank, CTE Warangal, Mahabubnagar and SIET Ramanthapuar. In case of Mancherial amount 'of Rs.1.00 lakhs may be given to DEO, Mancherial to conduct training in private Engineering College, Rs.3.00 Lakhs Principal Model School Thimmapur. This advance will be for current and future workshops on ICT and other trainings from RMSA, Telangana.
• The RPs are directed to provide soft copies of teacher hand books, students text books to all the participants so that they can upload the same in the school computers and implement the ICT curriculum.
• The list of State level RPs, names of the centers and names of the participants each district, MIS coordinators, names of the core team members are enclosed.
• The Principals, Director SIET may be requested to furnish the expenditure details for each workshop so that balance may be released from time to time.

Therefore all the DEOs are requested to relive the participants withoutfail. In some· the district the RPs have not been identified. Therefore the DEOs are requested to identify suitable Maths and Science teachers who have experience of using computers and depute them to the training. ,
The Principals of DIETs, CTE Warangal, IASE Hyderabad, DEO Mancherial, Director SIET are directed to take all the steps to make labs ready with the help of MIS Coordinators and conduct the programme effectively. Encl: The list of centers, RPs, and participants
ICT Computer Skills Training to TS High School Maths, Science Teachers in November 2017
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